November 10, 2010

talking shit about a pretty sunset

Yesterday afternoon we ventured to St. Paul. The first and more important stop was at Brasa. We feasted on so many delicious foodstuffs in this quite relaxing spot. After that, we went down to the Mississippi River to visit what turned out to be a pleasantly desolate park.

Not to be too teen goth, but I really like all the dying and decaying plant life. Fall is my favorite, even after the pretty orange leaves disappear. I like the bare trees and the gray/taupe palette. Living here, I have learned to embrace fall's actuality as a slow death march into hibernation.

We found this gravel circle. This photo is from right before we called the corners.
JK. But check out my first ever sweater vest!
It's from a thrift store. I suspect it's handmade. The skirt is Comme des Garcons, tights J. Crew, boots Robert Clergerie.

Mike: I wore corduroy bell-bottoms.

I like them.

I threw it with this old jacket I came across at a thrift store a while back.  I haven't managed to work it in to an outfit yet, but it has a bulky shape that I think pairs well with the pants.

Susie: There were so many changes of light in such a short time. The water here is actually a lake within the riverbed. 

We got to see the sunset. That doesn't happen very often. It was pretty nice. 


Lorena said...

Damn you both look incredible! Your outfit is seriously perfect; the tights are awesome, not sure what to call the color (pale mustard? creme egg center? something relating to food!?) but I really like the combination of soft yellow, grey and black. So good.

And Mike is wearing BELL-BOTTOMS, makes me feel like a wuss for recently questioning if I could wear them or 'pull them off'. I used to have a corduroy pair in middle school but they were baby blue and the flare was ENORMOUS but I guess they were considered cool at the time? Anyway, Mike wears them way better than I ever have.

I love Fall too. Where I grew up it was pretty much non-existant, lasted maybe a week haha...straight from summer to six months of torturous winter. It's so nice to be able to live somewhere now where I can appreciate it a little longer.

those tricks said...

love this post.
very sweet.
your thrifted sweater is really cool (is it itchy at all?) and the pop of mustard tights is grand.

Susie said...

i like 'creme egg center.' i had always called them mustard, but yolk is more accurate.


the sweater is not itchy. it has the feel of a nice homemade scarf. but i still wore a tank top underneath since the knit has kinda big holes and let's air through.

Miss Woo said...

The grey jumper with CdG skirt is fantastic, you look so elegant :-)

And it takes a brave man to embrace bell bottoms. I wish more men would embrace bell bottoms.

Siobhan said...

That sweater vest is incredible, & I've been looking for an easy knitting project to transition from scarves to jumpers... so ta for the inspiration!

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

y'all look GREAT. sweater is AMAZING and cord bell bottoms make me think i should break out mine.