November 19, 2010

A bouclé that won't go away

I bought this skirt on sale at Nordstrom Rack over a year ago. Today, I wore it out of the house for the first time.
Remember how way back in olden times like 08-09, "pencil" was the trend in skirts-that-are impractical-to-walk-in that we were all supposed to wear?

What you're looking at here is some creme colored bouclé BGBC with a heavy silk trim in the timeless (except for when it was last season's trend) shape of pencil. Because of one or more of these features, it sat rolled up into a tube-shape and stuffed into my skirt shelf for (approx.) the last 14 months.

But really, I don't regret this purchase (too much?). It's very grown up, and that's what I've been doing lately. And today, the texture of the thick fabric just felt right. We got half a foot of snow last weekend! I have to winterize my looks. Plus, it finally occurred to me how I could wear this skirt in a new, innovative, and original way: with all black!

OK I threw in some gray, too. You know, just to mix it up a little bit.

These sweater tights serve me so well on days ranging from 15-30ºF.

(Oh and please excuse the photo quality. I'm not really aiming to editorialize myself, and lighting conditions are getting pretty rough in the apartment. Sunset happens at 4:40. And the sun's light no longer comes directly in my south-facing windows at all, due to the building next door and the very low path it travels on the horizon. I'm considering the anti-depressant light bulbs they sell here.)


Ann said...

Love the grown up new look and the skirt. Sometimes you just get things that you know are perfect, but take 14 months to find the right debut, y'know? This look would be even more perfect with your orange-red lipstick. Which btw, I need to know the name of so I can get it. Like, now.

Susie said...

thanks ann! here is the lipstick. it's indeed very creamy:

it's number 06.