October 19, 2010

Walk with me. Talk with me.

This is the view from my life right now, in case you were wondering. That Bonjour Tristesse poster hangs over my desk as a sick joke to myself. Hello work, hello sadness.

The rest of our house is very clean and minimally decorated. This is my little space of my own, since I don't (yet) have an entire room for my writing and thinking business. I should make a business card for that: "Writer and Thinker," it would say. As you can see I'm also prone to bouts of mind-wandering lately. 

We share an office (converted bedroom of a one bedroom; the living room is arranged like a studio) and it's the most colorful part of the house. There are primaries everywhere, due to all the books and clutter and the tomato red couch. I like that my current line-up of magazines provides some much needed monochrome, even it its only on the windowsill.
I'd like it if my magazines would all coordinate aesthetically like this more often. Too many terrible covers, Elle and Harper's. No more Julia Roberts and fucking Drew Barrymore!

I would also like to point out Kerry Washington's white nails. This can only mean Loveship is setting trends, right? Incidentally, there is also a black and white polka dot sweater in an editorial inside that very same Elle. Psychic connections.


I can't help but play like Zana and share with you the insides of this issue of Another magazine. I was at the newsstand today waiting around, flipping through mags, not particularly planning to purchase any. But then there was this shiny silver font plus Bjork on the cover. Almost enough to seal the deal on those qualities alone. Then, I flip it open. Oversized pants and I'm inching toward a purchase.

Then there is this. Those shoes.

I am so inspired by this clean use of an enormous earring. I think this might have been the moment when I knew this magazine had to come home with me. I have some insanely large tortoiseshell earrings with a very baroque design that I've shelved for years now. Thinking I need to get them out and try harder to make them work for me.
Oh and hey, I think I also have those shorts.

The editorial to follow that one wasn't a total break. It was still pared down and simple, but with bright colors on white as opposed to grayscale on black. I would also like to one day try out a track of fake bangs in an off color.

The Bjork photos are beyond beautiful. Then there's this lovely interview.

And it just doesn't stop being the best issue I've seen in a while.

This model's look, those jagged short bangs, basically reminded me of the enormous female boner I had for Shannyn Sossamon circa The Rules of Attraction

This image is the sum of my lesbian fantasy.

Why was she so cool in this movie? Why did she put up with Dawson's bullshit? Dawson was so unconvincing as a bad boy. I loved this movie in a way I'm now ashamed of.

Let's finish with one more image from Another as a sort of palate cleanser. I think this girl is who I wanna be when I grow up. Or when my hair grows another 8 inches, whichever comes first.

To conclude where we began, I'll just say that I have been starting to carve out some sort of work/life balance. Next, I'll work on that work/life/blog balance, ha. I hope you all don't mind the long absence too terribly much. I can't write blog posts offhandedly. I need time to think about what I'm doing. And it's not like we're beholden to our many sponsors and advertisers (There are none, and will never be any. Not knocking anyone, but for us this is a space of growth, an outlet, an expression of a genuine interest, and a conversation with real people.) Plus, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or at least it still should, even on the internet.



you should post your turquoise earrings, they sound incredible!

Ann said...

Or fucking Kate Hudson. Why the hell is she on all my magazines, all the time? What the hell does she actually DO to merit this? I just got my Elle yesterday, and GUESS WHO IS ON IT. That's right.

Lorena said...

Shannyn Sossamon! Ahhh I used to love her too, I even cut my hair inspired by hers a bunch of times, never shaved the side though. I saw 'The Order'(terrible movie) in the theatre just because she was in it...she was the coolest girl in the early 00s. I'm kind of tempted to 'copy' her haircuts again at some point but I don't think they look as good on me (or anyone else) as they do on her.