October 31, 2010

The Proper Palette

For Halloween, I thought I might show your guys how this one time I didn't just wear black, white, blue, gray or some combo. It was pretty festive. Check these warm fall hues.

Patterned skirt = a new challenge for dressing myself.

I will forever treasure these super sturdy Cole Haan all-leather boots (the laces and even the entire lining is the smoothest leather) and the fact that I got them for like 30ish dollars on Etsy.
All things secondhand except the sweater tights (J. Crew)

This post is the closet I've come to even acknowledging this "holiday." Work is ruining my life. Then again, I've never really done the whole adult Halloween scenario. I guess that means I suck at life. That's what I've been told. Whatever, I am much more looking forward to Thanksgiving. Not that I care for its history, just the food.


fashionforward said...

adorable! Is this a leyendecker skirt?

Susie said...

nope, the skirt is by 'breeches.' i have no clue if it's vintage or newer. it seems to be nicely constructed, but i got it secondhand so i'm not sure. would love to know if anyone has heard of this label...

kelsea said...

bah, i'm not really a fan of halloween for grown ups either. i love this outfit though.
and your posts are really insightful; interesting stuff about uo!