October 27, 2010

Postcolonial Studies of Clothes

Currently, this is my most favorite fall sweater. I wear it all day in my house then put on my shiny boots and red lipstick if I need to leave. So easy.

It's secondhand. Whenever I buy old things I'm interested in any and all labeling, from the brand to the fabric content to the place of origin. If there is text, I read. Lots of "vintage" labels convey a sense of their times, whether through the sans serif font or the choice of metallic thread or the huge or tiny size. Sometimes older vintage includes an image and way more text than newer labels. The label on this sweater is all too familiar from my childhood.

If that tag took you back, the other tag is a real blast from the geopolitical past.
Compagnie internationale indeed.

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Ginta said...

I love to study tags too :) I've some pieces made in w-germany :) Our closets are like history books :)