October 4, 2010

In Real Life

Here is what's become my go-to jacket of this fall. It's funny, I've had this piece since March 2009, but only wore it sporadically. I remember the date so exactly because I bought it on a spring break trip to Chicago. Yes, I still have spring break at age 25.

I'm wearing this jacket right now, as I type, on top of this exact look + tights. The 3/4 bell sleeve is so practical for my lifestyle. Unfortch, I only have photos of it in this blue/gray monochrome experiment I wore to a date with food poisoning destiny. Those are blue linen flared pants, in case you were wondering. I've gotta try harder to find a flared pant that actually fits. Anyway, at least I was comfortable. I thought all-blue on the outside would be a fun experiment; the fate of that day might just be linked to some kind of fashion karma: a sign that I needed to go back home and try again another day.

I like what this jacket it, and what it isn't. It's a nice wool, just the right amount of warmth. It's sorta shapeless yet tailored at the same time. It hangs down to below my hips, hiding my "figure." The pattern is borderline a mens trend, but the cut and fit is so not that at all. I love a tall collar popped up in the back. And it's not draping, it's not leather, there is no shearling (I'll never go there. I just can't.). Mama can't afford that "must have" camel coat of the season. The more important question is: do I even really want one?


Ginta said...

I think it's very typical for a thing to lie and wait for the right moment.
Monochrome is good.

Amanda said...

I remember when you bought this jacket too!