September 23, 2010

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This is a look incorporating a few of my fall fashion resolutions and an influence I've been wanting to highlight this season.

The sweater-as-vest was inspired by Umit Benan's fall campaign. An extra layer between the shirt and jacket never hurts, and I was instantly taken with the idea of a deeply-cut vest as an intermediate texture.

I'm also digging these Stanton slim fit pants by the Crew (picked up on sale, 'natch.) To the uninitiated, I almost appear to be a normal-sized human. (Hate to burst your bubble, I'm not.) Look at those beautiful, slim, deceptively-long legs.

One thing I liked in particular about this outfit was its versatility--remove the jacket, untuck the sweater, and BAM:

...suddenly I've got the soft shoulder unstructured jacket look. Only with a cardigan. Which works great for me because finding a soft-shoulder that fits my frame is nearly impossible. This sweater does the trick nicely--notice the cut is closer to a blazer than most cardigans.

Channeling a little David Lynch here but I didn't want to go too stark so the chinos and desert boots tone it down a bit. See? Two outfits in one!

Perhaps you noticed my sweet Johnny Depp sunglasses too? Pretty cool, right? What's really cool is that they're my mom's clip-ons from the 90's. Let's let that sink in for a second.

Instant blog cred.


Izzy said...

Great look, Umit Benan is always a good inspiration. I love how the pants are delightfully un-fashiony.

Nicolas Lazaro said...

Definitely a great look my man. Not too crazy about the color of your pants, but the cardigan as a vest is great idea.

Josh said...

Two totally distinct looks -- well done. Who made those desert boots? Haven't come across any that I thought would look good on someone our size, but those look killer. Also, and this is intended as the highest compliment:
But the American badass version...

Michael said...

Izzy: thank you! Unfashion is the new fashion.
Nick: the pants are the thing, please believe. Admittedly they go better with the denim jacket, but here at loveship we're all about experimenting. Thanks for stopping by!
Josh: they're Clarks! And of course I take it as the highest compliment.

Katie Empkey said...

Your mom's clip on shades from the seventies?! You are a fucking genius!!!

vadim-kontra said...

Im loving the all buttoned up shirt look. I do that with my polo shirts when I wear them under jackets.
Just wanted to mention Mr Lynch - but you are ahead of me. Like Esquire wrote about him "the shirt has six buttons, so six buttons he uses."

Ann said...

A blog reader once said to me, after meeting me in real life, "You look taller in pictures." Bless the internet.

I feel your short person pain, though I admit it's probably easier to dress as a short lady than a short man (skirts!)

This long comment really just meant to say: cute outfits, dude.

Josh said...

Clarks, duh... well now I feel stupid. Alright, that's it: I just gotta actually try on a pair in the store next time. Thanks

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

great great look.