September 30, 2010


No, this is not a post about sloppy joes. (Though it easily could have been one.)  This is an OFFICIAL Loveship collabo post between both Mike and Susie.

The internet is a confusing network of tubes.  But sometimes those tubes drop some crazy ass shit onto your lap and you just have to turn around and tell somebody.


So, I (Mike) show Susie these images (via).

I (Susie) think we are looking at a womens collection and I'm all like ,"Thanks for sharing, boo. This shit is incredible! I love the minimalist Victorian witchery. So my steez."

Mike: This is a menswear blog.

OOOOH oh, I thought that woman had a pretty strong jawline... Moving on:
man mary-janes


yes, please:

and thank you:

This is the S/S 2011 collection from Non. At this point our minds were pretty much blown. At first, it all seemed so new, and it is. But then you start to notice the influences, which range from Yohji Yamamoto, to Prada, to um, let's call it early aughties emo, back to Thom Browne, with a dash of 1950s housewife while picking up on some Rad Hourani/Rick Owens/Ann Demeulemeester vibes. Is it bad that's it's clearly borrowing directly from other designers' recent collections? Somehow, it seems to transcend falling into pastiche/blatant rip-off. It carves out its own aesthetic while incorporating familiar elements. For instance, that cardigan was something I (Mike) owned in my more emo days (BLOGGER SHAMESPIRAL).

I (Susie), am just so ready for more men to embrace their INNER WITCH, their MANWITCH, if you will. And no one is serving up manwitch quite like Non. Once we cruised over to the Non website, I found the holy grail of collection intro statements.

From intro to A/W 2010 collection, The Golden Dawn:
The Golden Dawn was a magical order founded in Great Britain during the late 1880's during a noticeable expansion of interest in occultism and secret societies...
...Those few that were successful in practice [ed. note: practicing fucking magic] during this time rose to its most inner order... The majority who attempted to do so became victims of their own creative imagination, believing they were more than human, united with the higher and divine.
The Golden Dawn inevitably came to its fall, taking just fifteen years to splinter into fragments. Concepts of magic and ritual at the center of contemporary traditions, such as Wicca and Thelema, were inspired by The Golden Dawn.
selections from the golden dawn:
"single breasted suit jacket, wide leg suit trousers, TAPESTRY APRON" (emphasis our own)


"cashmere wide neck sweater, club collar shirt, CHROME NECK PIECE"

Vanilla Ice meets The Crow

um, that's my Gap jacket! (See!)


If you're as stoked on Non's paganism as we are, you should definitely head over to the site and read up on the intro to the S/S 2011 collection (top half of this post), named Alchemia Mysteria, a tiny bit of excerpts we can't help but include below to entice you:
Alchemy is one of the oldest arts of mankind... 
The alchemist believes in the fundamental unity of the cosmos, believing in the possibility of transmutating one element into another. Nature is one, and one is the universal substance. Creator and creation are but two aspects of the same substance.
...They therefore created a god in their own image, a man naturally endowed with divine consciousness. Man as a shape shifting, androgynous organism that forgot its origin. 
Read the rest here.


Ann said...

Um I love this. I think I'm going to have to interpret The Golden Dawn into an illustration series of my own...

Miss Woo said...

MikeXSusie post collab is epic.

The silhouette's of these suits are so good, another menswear label for me to coo at!

Mrs.Ed said...

Wow, thanks for sharing this amazing collection. I've been wearing Shirin Guild for about 15 years and was pleased to discover Susie's harem trouser photos. I love what you both are doing with this blog. I'm so glad I found you.

Izzy said...

GREAT FIND. The photography is interesting too, though I would love to see it look juuuust a little more natural. But I guess the "waxiness" of the photos is intentional. SO many must-haves for me: the opera pumps, tapestry apron, and a string of pearls is becoming more and more a viable option!

vadim-kontra said...

Some pretty witchy photoshoppery there... Interesting choice of tweaks with shadows/highlights.
Striking none the less. Me likes. Oak nyc kids will eat this up.

hiven said...

looks like a painting.

The Animal Orchestra said...


M said...

Oui, j'adore.
N°2, my favourite was hard to choose.
great, great, great work. just wow.

Susie said...

thanks to all for the lovely responses to this post!

wecouldgrowup2gether said...


Charlotte said...

This has just blown my mind a little - what an amazing thing to stumble upon... why is Blake Lively in my Vogue and design like this isn't?!!

Thanks for sharing... really interesting.

Charlotte xx

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