September 13, 2010

Drop It

Alright friends, it is with much excitement that I present to you this less than humble outfit post. It truly is not often that I have or ever again will give you 10 pictures of one outfit consisting of a tank top and pants with the same shoes and a couple belts. I usually feel OK with 1-3 full body photos and some details maybe.

But THESE PANTS demanded I make an exception and muster up my best (laugh along with me) poses. They just make me want to work it. Sorry. No I'm not. THEY ARE JUST SO GOOD.

It's sad how much they reminded me of this post Michael made a while back on Umit Benan. Sad because these are far too tall for him to borrow :(

I found them at the 90% off sale I recently attended at one of my favorite Minneapolis stores, gh2. I think they ended up being around $30. I mentioned this sale the other day, too (see "Seasonal Regeneration" below). I only bought a total of 3 items that day. You'll see the remaining piece this week. It's rad.

I am self-conscious when talking about my shopping, especially since I read that Hard Liquor post that said something along the lines of "don't wanna be a haul blogger." I promise I'm not a haul blogger ya'll! Remember how I moved to Minneapolis with nothing? It's kinda inevitable on this blog that I'll talk about buying shit. I am trying to build a wardrobe for myself. I'm also trying to be forthcoming about how to acquire awesome shit despite meager funds. Whatever back to these PANTS.

They are made by Shirin Guild, who I told you all about back in August 2009, when my apartment was weird(er) and my hair was just starting to grow. I think she might be one of my favorite designers. Her pants just kill, and yet she isn't super well-known.

Here comes some ridiculousness:

So basically there is no waist to speak of and these are entirely too big for me. There is strangely a zipper, but no opening such as a button over the zipper. It's a zipper to nowhere. Here is how they fit sans belt. The rolling becomes necessary:
I actually quite like them without the belt as well. 

Also, I discovered after bringing them home and playing around that the ankle opening also happens to fit snugly around the very top of my thighs. Meaning these pants can also double as a skirt. 

This has been one of the best new acquisitions of my year. I think my life is better for knowing about Shirin Guild.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god....they are amazing!!!!!!!

Wm said...

They sure are singular pants.

They almost create the silhouette of a very A-line skirt with a small cube cut out at the base.

I imagine you'll wear them all the time or barely ever - but either way they were indeed a MUST have.

Fickle Cattle said...

Those pants are fantastic. And you sure can work them.

Fickle Cattle

Susie said...

Wm: they are such a nice fabric that I think they may become an all the time piece. The silk+wool blend is so good, soft but with a nice weight. What usually ends up determining what I wear all the time is comfort and ease, and the pants have those two factors perfected.

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...


and you are nowhere near a haul blogger. i, on the other hand...