September 28, 2010

Block Shots

Now that I've cleaned out my closet and shored up my personal style, the focus shifted to unique, quality pieces to anchor my fall look. That's why I picked up this color-block shirt by Native Son from Blackbird.

I remember seeing this piece for the first time on Blackbird's website back in the spring. It jumped out at me even then, but the price made it an impossibility. So I put it out of my mind until last week, when it popped up on their blog at a reduced price that I couldn't pass up.

It's simple, yet unique. A single, wide stripe of black across the midsection cuts the shirt into three parts. The color on either side is a nice light brown/dark tan--a shade that was noticeably lacking from my life, and perfect for fall. When I ordered it I was hoping that the black stripe would be high enough that there'd still be a bit of brown showing when tucked in. I wasn't disappointed.

The size small is a perfect fit--the neck button closes, the arms are cut slim and high, and the shirt tapers beautifully. Those with very trim frames should take note--they even carry an extra small size (still on sale online last I checked.) Seeing these pictures now, I could probably shorten the sleeves. But the wrists close high enough that I almost don't have to.


Izzy said...

Very graphic. Looks good.

Wm said...

Smart selection!

Blackbird's great for browser-window-shopping.

vadim-kontra said...

I just discovered Native Son recently - takes my breath away. So Clean.

M said...

I think I'm gonna buy it in an extra small. It looks really great!

M said...

Shipping: 50$ - I could cry