September 21, 2010


I've talked about my love for wearing a blanket before. I've also discussed the merits of these pants. Today I brought these things together.

I started my day in this outfit for a lunchtime meeting. 
Shirt, pants, belt all secondhand. Shoes: Dolce Vita wedges.

These pants have been with me for 2-3 years now. I don't wear them very frequently, but never tire of them and am pleased whenever I do get them out.

Anyhow, after my lunch, I headed back to the Buffalo Exchange for the second time in under 5 days... I just pulled out my winter storage from under the bed this weekend and discovered some more shit that I needed to rid myself of. This time I used the store credit and picked up 2 items. Here is one of them:
Neutral blankie jacket!

Though I don't show you here, it actually does have a couple buttons on the front. So, not entirely just a blanket cut down the middle. I can already think of so many different ways to wear it... Under a structured jacket... belted in the front... A reader mentioned that many of my clothes can be worn different ways. I guess I'm just a sucker for clothing with built-in options. I blame infomercials.



Anonymous said...

1. I love and miss you, but get to read the blog, so I feel like I know a little of what is in your life.

2. Micah once gave me shit for wanting to wear a blanket as a jacket (albeit, red plaid, and really a blanket). I'm going to revisit it now, perhaps with a little alteration.

3. I think you and Zana Bayne are wearing the same dolce vita wedges in your most recent posts, it is hard to tell in yours... and I'm shocked and pleased that I noticed this.

4. Love and miss you you again. Hope the teaching is going well. See you in a few weeks!

Susie said...

1. Ditto: come back!
2. Did you click the link to my old blanketwear post and look at the Comme des Garcons? That is really just a plaid blanket attached to a jacket and it's amazing.
3. Yes. You're in deep now!
4. xoxoxo

Ann said...

Susie! Your longer hair is making you such a lovely grown up lady.

Your ladyfriend,