August 26, 2010

Waist not want not

Today I was channeling Yohji Yamamoto spring 2010. That's what I choose to think, at least. It feels like the perfect transition into fall.
(kinda wishing I had cropped my head out of this one^)

I quite enjoy the bright white on black, and the way the lines appear more crisp because of the contrast.

A simple outfit, I know, but I have been interested in the anti-waist or the low-waist lately. Don't get me wrong, I will still wear high-waisted things. I have specific plans to do so, and soon. But I am trying to let my garments determine how best to wear them. I feel that in the new century we've reached a point where the confines of the past are now the various methods of play for the future. I can dress in an A-line skirt one day and a shapeless jersey knit the next. Short shorts, long pants, bell bottoms, tight jeans, whatever. I don't think it will be possible any longer to be "outmoded" based on the fit of one's clothing, so long as one is fully owning their look and exuding confidence in their appearance. This is what I hope, at least.


Mariel said...

your style is one of my favorites. i think it's because i like the classic and comfy, simple yet still refreshing style you somehow orchestrate in each outfit. in short, your style is very inspiring. thanks. :)

Charlotte said...

You are COMPLETELY channeling Yohji Yamamoto 2010!! I LOVE it! Amazing!

So effortless, so chic. Perfection. I love your style.

Charlotte xx

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Miss Woo said...

I love it, Yohji Yamamoto's design always looks a little intimidating to me in magazines, but the way your channel the style is so neat yet acessible at the same time.

And your closing line is perfect and true.