August 3, 2010


I would like to indulge in some garment talk. My subjects today are shape, silhouette, and the womanly form as well as item appreciation.

I have not owned this skirt for a long time, probably less than a year, but I appreciate it very much. It's not just some common thing that is used in layering to create an interesting styling (though it performs well in that capacity), but is instead an item that does a good deal of the talking itself. Its pleats remind me of, obvs, Pleats Please and the hem is like what Jeremy Scott would have come up with while watching the Flintstones if he had somehow also decided to take an interest in subtlety. In short, I treasure this item as a part of my budding collection of garments because it is not a trend item and remains an interesting design item. To me.

Skirt by Han Feng purchased at Minneapolis shop gh2.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I was able to buy this skirt for a very deep discount as it had sat unwanted for god knows how long and made its way into my life via an eventful clearance sale filled with things most certainly not from any recent season. It does not flatter the figure, as the zigzag pleats make it puff out away from the body and most of the bulk is in the stomach and thigh areas. But figure flattery is for whom anyhow?

The silhouette I've created here could be called "larval" or "cocoon-like," which I was aiming for by not choosing a tight fitting top to balance out the puffy lower proportions. I opted for this American Apparel crop top that hangs far from the body at the waist, which I'm demonstrating above in that awkward pose on the right. Combined with the puff of the skirt and here I am in my larval shape. Almost ready to go out of the house.

(Please disregard the messy hair. It was not fully dry and the humidity, let me tell you what...)

PS What's up with my ombré floor?


Izzy said...

figure flattery is for those brainwashed by mainstream fashion media influenced by advertisers selling their figure-flattering goods to the figure-insecure masses. (says the guy who works in advertising ha ha ha). kidding aside, another superb look! I couldn't think of anything better to wear that skirt with.

buzzmeout said...

so amazing it

prince said...

wow love the layer of the fabric

Gh2 Consignment said...

You look fantastic in this! We currently have the same Han Fang skirt in grey, brown, red and periwinkle! All under $50!!

Wardrobe Wars said...

For a piece that is not a normal 'flattering' piece you have certainly pulled it off ! so congrats, really like the shape you ended up with ! Also the texture of that fabric is gorgeous , hope we find something like it some time. thanks for sharing .

Greetings from Ireland

Fifi and Niamh ( the wardrobewars girls)

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