August 31, 2010

Immodest Prep

So while Michael has been steering his look slightly away from preppy, I decided to go for it. After careful observation of current trends in menswear dressing: prep, trad, Ivy?... ok maybe my observations are not so careful. I have a vague understanding that people in certain circles like wearing colors like navy with things like natural colored leather brogues and belts, as well as trouser pants. I don't really identify with that scene as a wholesale mode of dress, but can appreciate what it has to offer. So, I dabbled. But I couldn't be too literal. I had to slut it up a bit.

So here is my preppy look for a late lunch and some neighborhood strolling. Sheer J. Crew blouse, bought secondhand (Everyday People in St. Paul), some new trousers and a new belt, and some old shoes (etsy).

I find it great that this shirt hits right at the hips so I don't have to tuck it in.

I'm a bit in love with these low slung cropped trousers. They are a brand I do not know much about, Ecru, but which I assume is mostly geared toward mature ladies who shop in quirky stores... because that's the context of where I bought them. They are teaching me the value of a good fabric blend, as they combine linen with tencel and polyester to quite a wonderful result. Like a softer, smoother linen without the wrinkles, but that still breathes and looks natural. Is that too much pant info? Does it make me sound "old"?

Here is where you can help me out though. I had absolutely no qualms about walking around in this top in the bright midday sun. But I do live in a more conservative part of the world and recognize the potential for upsetting onlookers with my bra-bound titties showing. Do you think I should care?

It's a beautiful blouse and I would dislike how an undershirt/tank would look. I bought it thinking I could also use it just as a light jacket-like layering piece. Then I thought, fuck it, let's just go out with the sheer, the bra, and the low slung pants. But I realize I am not always of the soundest judgment.

Well. That's a lot of words for a meager outfit post. But there is one more thing I want to share. I declared to my husband and friends, "I hate navy," some time ago, probably within the last 2 months. I believe I might have also added that I hate wearing blue in general. I now see navy, or a slightly lighter dark blue, as a staple of my fall look after coming across a few other pieces in the same color. Just an example of how wrong I can turn out to be over time, even about my own taste.


Charlotte said...

You definitely shouldn't care. Wearing an under-vest or something woud completely spoil the look. It's not like you're showing nipple! Great outfit - love the trousers.

Charlotte xx

The Style Rail

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Anonymous said...

I love it. The rest of the outfit is conservative enough to balance the sheer top. I think it's charming.

- j nut

Anonymous said...

the bra you chose was perfect for the look; simple and unadorned. it would have been too sexy for daytime if the bra was lacy or demi cup or something.

if you do want to do a sexier evening look with that shirt, get your sexiest bra in a dark color and pair the shirt with a high-waisted skirt. yeow!