August 11, 2010


I basically consider this now year long process of "growing out my hair" an experiment. I'm testing the two hypotheses: 1. Can I grow my hair to my waist? 2. Will it actually look good like that? One year into the experiment and all I can say is, it still needs to get longer. Results are indeterminate at this time.

But this post isn't about my hair; it's about my nails. I noticed they had all uniformly managed to grow quite long (for me). Hm, I thought to myself. What if, instead of trimming them down with clippers as I usually do to maintain a boxy, just-past-fingertip length, I go purchase a nail file and make myself some pointy rounded tips à la my great grandma or your run of the mill Asian nail salon poster art?

Off I went to procure the supplies: 89 cent pack of emery boards and some Sally Hansen.

I figured bright red is the only way to go.

What we're working with. This is post-filing. You can see that I did the best job on the left index finger. But I didn't realize that until I applied polish.

See? Index finger is totally the best, others are not pointy enough.

Ok so this was like a week ago, and much to my surprise I never broke one. Also, I found the length and pointy tips strangely pleasing, like how true nail art devotees must feel. However, normal tasks became increasingly difficult, and it is gross how much gets underneath long nails. Moisturizer, garlic, pieces of blueberry skin. And when they are painted you don't notice right away. Also, I started having visions of this:

So after a few more days and this nail blog photoshoot which is kinda stupid anyhow, the experiment is over. I caved when I could no longer accurately type a text message. I'm back to this more reasonable and boring nail configuration.

I hope that you are having a happy Wednesday, and that this post did not make you nauseous.


Lorena said...

Every time I attempt to grow my nails long I get frustrated and grossed out by how easily they trap dirty/food/whatever underneath and end up cutting them. I'm afraid I'll never be a long nail girl. Yours look nice at both lengths. I'm really into the white polish, if I had some you would have inspired me to paint my nails white today!

yuko said...

i too like my index finger nails longer, but the other ones don't look as good. Nice post, but it did make me feel a little sick (gross long-nailed lady photo)!