July 14, 2010

Turkey Lurk-y

Not too much to say here except for that I've found another reason to be excited about next spring. If you've already seen these, then sit back and enjoy another look at perfection.
Umit Benan's Spring 2011 Presentation.
Dude's basically hit a homerun in every look. Check the white socks/cropped ankles above. Also love the subtle two-tone.
Takes a classic color scheme (right) and goes completely modern with details (cardigan "jacket," banded collar, volume-y pants with tie--which look oh-so-comfy.) I'd wear that look as is out the door. Hell, I'd wear this whole collection that way. Great styling.
Also love the no-bullshit attitude of the model in these shots. I read somewhere that he's a Turkish taxi driver that Umit flew in for the gig. Not sure if there's any truth to that but amusing nonetheless.
Tunics are overdue for a comeback. Gorgeous colors on the right here with the double-breasted.
I haven't even talked yet about how every single pair of pants is a work of art. I can't remember the last time I got this excited about pants in a collection--Thom Browne a few years back?
Not to mention that this whole collection is a short man's dream. The proportions are just right for my truncated, stocky frame.

Also, here's the designer himself, looking elegant in a shawl scarf and buttoned all the way up. He has a keen eye for draping, layers, and texture, and it shines through in the beautiful pieces he creates.

Good man.


hereisafantasylikenowhereelse said...

I love this so much - and the model! From this collection, I am getting a Morocco vibe, a Casablanca wardrobe that everyone in the film could wear.

Izzy said...

This has got to be my new favorite blog. I love the lookbook posts you do (I need the black Umit Benan dropcrotch pants!), love the writing, and I think you both have impeccable taste. Keep up the good work!

Susie said...

this title!! :)

vadim-kontra said...

Just wanted to say how it all looks very updated turkish/moroccan-street-vendor-like. Model makes it look very masculine and I think this should be a requirement for whoever decides to wear these pieces. This was really refreshing to see.

Taj said...

the last row of looks with the green and stripes are AMAZING!!

brett said...

what boots are we workin' with here in that last frame (green outfit)?