July 31, 2010

Sweaty times

I bought sweatshorts this week at the Gap. I was at the mall because, true story, it was 95 degrees and 1000% humidity and we don't have AC (last summer was so much cooler, i didn't know it would be like this). It was death inside the casa. It came down to art museum or mall for places to escape into... So now I have like, all this new shit from Gap. Because it's that kind of mall; it's in Edina, MN.

But I think I'm back "into the Gap" so to speak. Should I be telling you this? Anyhow, when I'm there I like to take a peep into the men's section, which is where i found these:

Please, try to stay with me. I saw them on the hanger in all their glorious bro length and put them immediately into the try-on pile. I had a vision, see. It was something like this (the Source):

I take an equal amount of style inspiration from the menswear as I do from ladies these days*, and I've been wanting to get into some sweats-looks. Here was my sale-rack opportunity.

Applied some lipstick, gold jewelry, and wedges and just like that I'm not in my pajamas anymore. The vision realized:

I bought them intent on altering them, but now I'm not sure (lazy). They are rolled up 5-6 times in the photos which is a pretty bulky roll. I planned to cut off some length and then hem them, but I'm hesitant to make cuts after recently ruining my black summer shorts attempting a similar operation. The Sadness!

Oh well, I hate shorts anyway. Can't wait to wear real clothes again once the death heat days are over. Which, for us, should be in about one more month.


*Please believe I'm gonna rock some Acne men's winter 10/11 bell bottom looks.


Charlotte said...

You look very Alexander-Wang-alicious lady!

Charlotte xx

The Style Rail

Miss Woo said...

I love poliox3's original but your take is amazing too! Looks so fresh for summer!

Wm said...

It gets a bad rap, but amongst all the Chandler Bing casual Friday stuff, there's always some valid finds hanging around at The Gap.

Go Southdale!

Anonymous said...

i kinda love the sweatshorts. like, a lot.

- jnut

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

i actually tried those on when i was looking for sweatshorts, too! they look good on you.