July 17, 2010

No Surprises

Please forgive the redundancy, but I just have to show some more Celine love. If you remember all the way back to October 2009, that is when my crush began. Then it only intensified by pre-fall, when I wrote an essay about my crush on Phoebe. I didn't cover fall 10/11, though, because by that point we were reaching some sort of critical mass of Celine praise, and who can compete with Tommy's up-close-in-the-details coverage?

So what I'm trying to say is can I please live in this house in Paris with no furniture and wear these looks every day on my long and lanky figure?

That would be great.


Hello Lindello said...

Not sure if you saw this already, but there's a great article on Phoebe Philo in The Gentlewoman spring issue you would probably love. It's a great magazine to have in general!

Susie said...

Yes, I do know all about that and sat with a copy of The Gentlewoman in my hands at Barnes and Noble and for some stupid reason did not buy it... Major regret.