July 15, 2010

Locks I Love

Photos I will take to the hair stylist that look nothing like me:

Louise and Lydia via Garance Dore

I'm attempting to grow out long luscious hair similar to these two beauties. I haven't had such length since age 8! I don't want bangs anymore, but included Lydia because that is the length I'm aiming for, and her hair seems more similar to my own. Should I have the shagginess of Louise, or the blunt line at the ends?

Can we also talk about Louise's amazing red color? I have been looking at these photos for a very long time now, while debating with myself whether or not I could pull off that exact shade of red. My hair hasn't been dyed in a few years, so I think the color would take well. If not the red, I might dye it a richer dark brown. Any thoughts?

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Lorena said...

Your hair seems to be pretty thick so I imagine it will look incredible at that length! I like the cut on Louise more but prefer the color on Lydia.

If you do dye your hair I think the richer dark brown would be more flattering on you. I love red hair too but it is tricky! I have dyed my hair a handful of shades of red and orange and it always fades quickly and requires a lot of maintenance - also if you wanted a shade like on Louise you would probably have to lighten your hair first since dark hair doesn't take color very well. Every time I've dyed my hair red I've loved it for the first month or two and then grown tired of it and gone back to my natural color - except it always ends up looking a bit brassy because the red is still underneath. That's just my experience, maybe for you it would be different.