July 29, 2010

Lasting Impression

I'm not a big Marc Jacobs fan girl, though I do appreciate his work. I wasn't impressed by the Spring 2010 show overall, though I agree with style.com's Nicole Phelps, who concluded that while it was not amazing, "it beats another tired lineup of black leather and studs." Yet somehow, after browsing said show on said website months and months ago and never thinking much about it as a whole, this singular image has been burned into my memory forever.

I think about this dress regularly. I see it in my mind when I'm walking home with groceries or parking the car. I wonder at it's lightness, the trace lines like a fashion sketch come to life. I want to touch it, to know what it looks and feels like in person, and of course to put it on and witness firsthand how, almost inexplicably, the dark lines at the edges create the sense of an edgeless garment. I think this dress is 'just beyond' or some such phrase. Knowing about this dress and others like (but not at all like) it, ones that have stuck in my brain mush for a long time, keeps me coming back for more, season after boring season.

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Izzy said...

ha this obsession with certain pieces happens to me too!