July 12, 2010

Weekend Away

I've just returned from a long weekend in Seattle and Portland where I spent some quality time with two of my best friends, Amanda and Jenn. The three of us met and lived together one summer in France, 4 years ago, but have never lived in the same city in the States. So we have to get together regularly for lady adventures. It was a lovely time. I had the chance to visit some boutiques that I've been admiring from a distance, and I ate very, very well.


First up was Totokaelo. As you know I'm a big fan of the online shop and ordered my Slow and Steady Wins the Race wedges from them. The store was more sparse than I had imagined, perhaps because it's sale time, and I regretably am still shy about taking store photos while on vacation. I did spot these burnt orange Rachel Comey pants. I was too on the fence to buy them, even with the markdown, but you should.

Next was what I'm calling the Blackbird Block. Main store, candy shop, the Field House, all nearing perfection, adorable shop boys included. I was instantly swooning over so many things in Blackbird, and had to have a couple essentials: A long black t shirt dress (see below), and a black Patrick Stephan sweater-ish thing for fall, which I'll photograph soon.

So much good product.

Attached candy shop.

The most apropos window reflection, no? Sadly, this was closed for renovations.

When it's time to go out, the three of us tend to gravitate toward places with mussels, fries, beet salad, and rosé. Things we were able to find at Bastille, also in the Ballard neighborhood.


Friday night we drove to Portland and went straight to Le Pigeon, arriving just as the kitchen was about to close. I ate delicious, unspeakable things. Promise me you'll go if you visit this adorable little city.

Le Pigeon logo truffles. The perfect amount of dessert after the most decadent meal.

After dinner it was time to check into the hotel long enough for a costume change. We stayed at the Ace, obviously.

When you go on your own Portland trip, please do have a whiskey sour for me at Clyde Common, the restaurant and bar at the Ace hotel. It was the best I ever had.

Jenn matched the room.

Best friends think alike. Turns out Amanda got the same Slow and Steady Wins the Race wedges that I have, in black.

What I wore for a night out with my girls. This is the Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair dress I picked up at Blackbird in Seattle the day before. I'm so in love with it. I have been obsessively searching for a long black jersey t shirt dress for almost this whole year. It's kind of surprising how many bad, bad search results you get with "long black t shirt dress". I sadly lagged on the perfect one from Nikicio. But finally, I found one to love and call my own.

With Dolce Vita wedges.

The next day involved an afternoon inspiration search session at Powell's books, lunch at the amazingly delicious Pok Pok, and friendship fashion illustration tattoos, lol.

Aftermath and planning at Pok Pok. The food didn't want to be photographed; it wanted to be eaten. You need to experience Ike's Vietnamese fish sauce wings. Trust.

Final destination. (Well, wait, that's not true. There was a visit to ¿Por Que No? taqueria before leaving town. Seriously, so much good food in PDX.)

Very adorable, all-female operated tattoo shop. Also, obviously, recommended.

This trip was filled with so many good memories. I loved my time in the Pacific Northwest.


The Darling Era said...

Looks like a great trip, you hit my favorite spots! If you've never been to the Ace in Palm Springs, definitely put it on your to do list.

Jessica Sue said...

I live in Portland and it's so bizarre seeing all these places on your blog! I'm so jealous you got to stay at the Ace Hotel, I only played card games in the lobby once... I can't wait to check out Icon Tattoo for some lady bonding and tattooing!