July 24, 2010

Dusk dressing

It's not mid day heat that will make sweat stains on your silk shorts. It's not nightlife club time. (Is it ever?) It's not too hot nor too cold. It's sunset time, and I just realized it's a wonderful time to play with new outfits and think forward to how I want to dress this fall. I'm not sure what that will be, but I really liked this outfit.

I just took ownership of this Generra shirt from my man. It's such a nice teal-ish gray color, and the construction is slightly intriguing.

Also, Joie silk shorts that I found secondhand at Buffalo Exchange in San Diego. Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all. (Let's not discuss those major wrinkles. I traveled with these rolled up in a suitcase and am afraid of my iron.)

Also, it's kinda hard to tell in both the above and below photos, but my silver socks are glittery. Which makes them even better? Thanks for these, Carissa.

What I really like about the direction I'm going with this outfit is that it moves away from summer girl cuteness involving ruffles and bows and whatnot. Yes there is silk and glitter and a slight nod to schoolgirl with the socks, but the socks with shorts breaks up the expectation of long bare legs and keeps it a little weird. I also love that everything is in a cool color palette but with various fabric textures.


Michael said...

Stupid sexy Flanders!

el shell said...

Yes Mike!