June 16, 2010

Update: The Florsheim Flop

When I finally tallied the votes of the poll I posted almost two months ago (jesus) it came out like 7 votes to 4 in favor of the blue suede shoes.

So, naturally, I went the other way. I ordered the yellow longwings, along with a few other options that were on sale because zappos has a kickass return policy and I wanted to hedge my bets.

Now, I know what you're all thinking: "how could he go against the collective advice of the internet? who does he think he is? there's a guy on this blog?" These are all good questions, but I'll just get to the point.

What follows are pictures of the sequence of me opening, unpacking, and trying on the shoes that I would find were all too big for me. Enjoy. See if you can spot the moment where my hopes are dashed. It's priceless.

Other rejects:

I didn't even bother with the left on this one.

So, that'll teach me to go against the wisdom of my dear readers. Now let's try to find some shoes that will actually fit me.


Cory said...

I understand...the last THREE pairs of shoes I purchased cause me pain after more than 15 minutes of wear or don't even fit properly at all. To make it worse, I even tried on two out of those three before buying, something is wrong with my brain.

Taj said...

well, I voted for the yellow ones so no bigz!!lol

Ann said...

I realized I never voted, but in my head I did for the yellow. So I'm glad you got those! But, I totally feel you on buying shoes online and being all excited when they get here...only to find that they don't fit. Happens to me and my size 5 feet ALL THE TIME.

Chip said...

I can't be bothered to return shit online
good policy or not

the yellow shoes are great though, too bad they don't fit!

vadim-kontra said...

Did you ever notice that your shoelaces come undone pretty often?
Im going to say something weird right now but hear me out. From these pics you have posted I can tell that you don't tie your laces properly. Most of the people don't. What you have is called a slipping knot. I know how I sound - but check this out:http://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/slipping.htm

And about Florsheims overall - anything that's not from the Imperial line is absolutely not worth it. No matter how deep the discount is - they are literally using paper and cardboard as part of the sole.

gerald said...

Unacceptable... these are perfect. I love the light distressing.