June 27, 2010

Easy, breezy

I hope your weekend was lovely. Ours was quite enjoyable, though I had to adjust my clothing to seriously steamy conditions. Here is my version of a simple outfit for a day of almost non-stop sweating.

Front view. So simple.

The top is linen, which according to certain mature ladies and gentlemen is a "difficult fabric" to deal with. I overheard this at a department store while browsing the linen. I think this means I'm not supposed to have all these wrinkles showing. But it's not like I'm gonna press and starch it, what year is this? If I saw someone with freshly pressed linen I would wonder what is wrong with that person. Just lay it flat to dry and press on it with your hands a little. We should move on.

Anyway, I picked it up at gh2. Annnnd here is the best part.

No, not those diaper-short-bloomers, silly. The ventilation!

Perfectly off-center.

Ok now let's discuss these accessories. I'm sure you'll be with me on the first 2, but the final one might just surprise you a little bit. Or not, who knows?

1. New straw purse. I love a woven purse for summer. I remember so fondly a yellow one that I wore until it fell apart. This one comes from Blacklist Vintage, who I talk about at least once a month.

2. Vintage Pucci sunglasses.

Nothing not to love here.

And last but certainly not least...

My new BIRKENSTOCKS. Your mom knew what was up with the perfect summer sandal. I can actually walk anywhere in these, no problems. Purchased at B-Squad Vintage.

Comfy elastic straps.

You can practically feel the arch support in this photo.

Don't laugh at me, laugh with me!


evie said...

Love the sunglasses, lips, bag combo - gorgeous.
My boyfriends parents met their best friends of 25 years over a mutual love of Birkenstocks - NEVER underestimate their power! :-D

gerald said...

Fierce footwear. A+ for no effort!

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

those birks are AMAZING. now gotta try to find a pair.

Charlotte said...

There is nothing less chic than being in PAIN!! Good for you and your comfy sandles!

Love the bloomers and the basket weave, both so hot right now! And that shirt is TO DIE FOR!! I want it so badly, I was upset to find that gh2 was not a normal shop where I could just buy one online :(.

Charlotte xx

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