May 1, 2010

Shabd Sneak Peek

As summer is once again approaching, I find myself looking back on last summer's clothing pondering which items to keep, which are done for good, and which to shelf for future possibilities. One item that I acquired last summer that I do still very much treasure are these hand dyed bike short made by Shabd Simon-Alexander, or more simply known as the brand Shabd.

I introduced you to these shorts (along with my bffs) last summer, and since then got myself on the mailing list. Sometimes mailing lists make me hate email, technology and computers. But sometimes my inbox brings me lovely images that make me appreciate the connectedness of it all. These particular images made me pause and wonder at how beautiful dyed fabric can truly be, and at the talent of the woman making all these fabrics by hand. The email that brought me the following images was labeled as a "Sneak Peek" on the yet-to-be released fall line. You can preorder from the secret website and get 10% off orders before May 10. I got Shabd's permission to share this information and these images with you all.

I am really loving these silhouettes, especially the long shapeless blouse over the maxi-skirt. The colors are superb, and combined as a collection are a bit different than most of what is out there right now. I would love to wear one of the full-length looks in all its simplicity. While the urge may to be layer to tone down prints, I am kinda into the idea of wearing "print monochrome" and featuring the fabric itself. Rarely do my clothes allow me such an opportunity.

Don't neglect to look at Shabd's main site either. I look at it once in a while just for those fabric close-ups. I still have the galactic postcard image that came along with my shorts hanging out in a big picture frame with my other favorite small scale images. I am saving my pennies for these tights.

Hope you all are having a lovely Spring weekend. I am almost to my next break! Hooray!


Charlotte said...

Yes! Your shorts are perfect summer wonders! I also love the leggings in the first promo pic - but I wonder if anyone with normal sized thighs would look any good in them!?! Cx

Maggie said...

Those shorts are simply lovely. I'm still trying to get on the tie-dye train though.

Hello Lindello said...

I'm in love with that last dress. Considering it...

Just found your blog. I love your style and am so happy to see your in MN!