May 11, 2010

May Showers

Things are all mixed up here. The flowers bloomed in April, when it was warm and sunny. Now, it just rains all the time. There was a break between storms this weekend, and I finally got back out into the world and said hello! And guess what was out there waiting for me in the world? Well, 3 things, but here is 1: new black shorts from Blacklist Vintage! They are sorta baggy, like a black diaper. Rad, right?

Things that keep me happy when it's rainy are my Hunter rain boots and this vintage coat.

Buttoned up! It's so windy.

I got this coat a long time ago living in San Diego. I think it was part of my coat hoarding in anticipation of moving somewhere with weather. That was good planning. I bought these boots shortly after moving here during this frantic period of worrying about being under-prepared for weather. I was so spastic for the entire first year of living with seasons! Anyhow, I'm happy to report that these boots paid off. I wear them all the time. The top part if canvas, if you were wondering.

There is a real puddle problem on all the streets near my house. Some are so very deep, and it's quite fun to stomp right through them. As I've told you before, I cherish the small joys in life. Which brings me to this masterpiece across the street from my home:

Too bad it's probably washed away in the rain. I can't wait to show you the other new things I bought this weekend! All vintage, all black, all under $20. Stay tuned.


Maggie said...

the cardigan is very cute

Meghan said...

ya look real pretty. and i like your diaper bloomer shorts.

Anonymous said...

i love it all. this outfit is my favorite ever.

- jnut

Charlotte said...

Great outfit - there is something quite victorian about it - the collar, the slightly bloomerish shorts (bloomers set to be huge, so...!)

Charlotte xx

The Style Rail

Platform Princess said...

That cardigan is insane!

I adore it.


Lisa said...

Love your rainy day outfit. Those rainboots and coat are amazing, as is the sweater.

Nicci said...

beautiful winter stuff. been looking for boots like that for ages (it's winter here too).

X. said...

I don't understand how black diapers are rad but I do find the buttons on the cardigan and the canvas on the boots very satisfying.

And I love how you love small pleasures


chukwubuikem said...

you're coat is really nice! i love the color!

please check out my blog!

UnoCosa said...

i like the layering- factor your outfit ... ins't it amazing to obtain awesome pieces that are cheap - treasure hunt, indeed, xx