May 6, 2010

In Hiding

It has been a dreary week all around in Minneapolis/in my life. That heat we experienced was but a teaser, and it went back to chilly, windy, and rainy. That's ok, because I needed to live at my desk in leggings and sweatshirts for the last week and a half or so. I have had to relish in small pleasures, such as taking walks in my new poncho and picking dandelions. Not so bad, considering how great it feels to wear this poncho. It's like wearing your own personal tent. For the record, it was supposed to start raining. It didn't.

It's from Gap, which I'm really, really not trying to overtly endorse here. It's funny, actually, because I saw this cape in Elle and then was at the mall, and it was already on clearance. Thanks, Minnesota! The employee who rang me up was like, "I have never seen anyone touch this thing since we got them. You are the first person to buy one. What do you do with your arms?" Way to sell it.

Later, I was asked at school if it was my "Korean War chic," which is the most hilarious thing anyone's probably ever said to me about something I'm wearing. Gotta love when you wear a conversation starter... I guess.


Michael said...

Ganymede Girl said...

It's always nice when things that the average person doesn't want are exactly what you're looking for. I have to wonder what is wrong with Gap customers, how is this poncho not appealing? I love it, looks great on you.

lumikha said...

heehee! it's always the little things. btw, this tent looks so comfy. and don't you love it when the weather man lies to you? ah the midwest.

Anonymous said...

stop being so cute, flower-eyes.