April 6, 2010


Guys, I think I'm in love. Again. Fall 2010 Dries van Noten.

These are the perfect looks for my entry into full-blown womanhood. The tailoring on the gray jacket is particularly noteworthy, with the subtle gathering high on the waist/under the bustline. Also, sleeveless trench = easy DIY project.

And even though the womanly looks above suggest a certain casual taking-myself-seriousness, I might still feel a bit girlish once in a while. Not in a precious adolescent way, but in a black leather gloves with slouchy sweatshirt, pumps, and bright floral skirt way.

And if I have to get especially fancy, I'll just let an amazing skirt do all the work, but keep it real cozy up top.

I must disclose that this is indeed a bit of an echo of Hard Liquor circa 1 month ago. That was the post that brought Dries fully to my attention.

Also, please forgive my terribly executed pun-ish title. It makes no sense.


Taj said...

that second to last look is soooo GOOD!!!!!!!

and I have a trench thats sleeves are 2 short for me*light bulb*its getting Dries-ed:)

DAT said...

Don't wory - J'adore puns!!!