April 23, 2010

Summer Witch Goes On a Safari!

I picked up this skirt a while back at Rewind Vintage. It reminded me of the illustration style of recent Miu Miu, but I was wary of its elastic waistband, which can often give one the paunchy lower-stomach look. I was not deterred, belted that shit, added socks, and a strong shoe so as to not look too vintage-y overall.

The skirt if the most comfortable cotton. It feels more or less like an old bedsheet. Perfect for summer picnics.

The elephants are so cute! I am pretty sure wanting to look at the elephants sealed this purchase for me.

Everything outside is blooming and growing and I'm once again fascinated by the beauty of dramatically changing seasons. Tulips and budding leaves got my heart all a-flutter. I considered showing you with my camera but thought better of it. I'm pretty sure the internet has enough "nature" photos to last us all a lifetime. I can't believe it's almost May and almost time for another Summer of Fun! Hope you are all filled with happiness and good vibes this weekend. Peace and love.


ellen said...

okay, and, what are the shoes?

Susie said...


see: http://theloveship.blogspot.com/2010/02/spring-fever.html

ellen said...

Oh yes! thanks :)

susie_bubble said...

The print is superb... and I love the length too...from another Susie!

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

the print is amazing, and w/the shoes and tank, totally unvintage. almost balenciaga jungle-y, too.

Laura said...

Amazing skirt i love elephants...And the styling is so good.After all belts cure many wardrobe horrors.