April 30, 2010

Study Guide

I've been enmeshed in a world of books and ideas. The thing about this other world I live in when I'm not here, talking with all of you beautiful people, is that I suspect it doesn't appreciate fashion quite as much as I/we do. This is more than just a hunch. I don't feel the need to defend aesthetic tastes, but I will just say I find it interesting that "intellectuals" are "allowed" to like art, literature, and music, but liking fashion is suspect. Funny, considering fashion's hero-ranks are no where near as male-dominated as in those other more widely-respected realms of creative production. I know I'm just preaching to the choir on this one, but sometimes it just nags at me. That whole critique of consumerism got everyone all confused on the issue.

All that said, here is something I thought up in between bouts of studying/reading/writing, whining, and naps. Don't hate me.

An intellectual fashion study guide


Chanel Fall 2010. Or should I say, 2012?? Apparently it's raining in the Arctic.


Comme des Garcons Fall 2005 reveals the absurdity of trying to connect signifier to signified.


McQueen Spring 2007. Like a Fragonard maiden, just waiting to be perched on a tree swing.


"Ubaldo the fashion pug" (actual caption, not my words) via "pug freak" photostream on flickr. Clearly up on the harness trend.


McQueen really works for so many -isms.


Jil Sander, of course. Fall 2006.


Fashion for the masses indeed. Never mind that "100% polyester" or "Made in China". We're all equals now.


Ann Demeulemeester, of course. Fall 06.


The worst ism of them all, via the Sart. This guy's universe clearly begins and ends with his overly tanned self.

There won't be a test. Because in the end, The Simpsons really just sum it all up for us.


Cory said...

Hahah, nice list. Personally I would have felt inclined to consider the Sartorialist himself as an appropriate candidate to represent solipsism but I suppose that's a bit of a call-out.

Susie said...


I can admit to you here in the comments that I was, in fact, inclined to use a photo of Scott the Sart himself. But alas, I thought it too much.

Charlotte said...

Susie - you are brilliant!! This made me laugh so much - I studied politics and wrote my dissertation on political philosophy so this made me laugh so so much! And, I thought exactly the same thing about that guy photographed by Scott Sartorialist - so many of the old men in Milan that he shoots have this look - "creepy, greasy, rich" Eeeew.

I really identify with what you wrote at the top of your post - because of my academic achievements people find it so strange that I love fashion, they can't believe that I would go in for something so 'shallow' and 'meaningless' - though I'm sure none of them would bat an eyelid at me going to the tate modern. Fashion is just not taken seriously as a form of art by your common person. I wonder whether their distaste is born out of fear - that they don't understand and cannot see the humour or whiticisms inherent in fashion. Perhaps they feel excluded, I don't know.

Anyway, I love your blog and completely identify with your frustrations.

Charlotte x

Ps) Perhaps Jacques Derrida just needed some Comme des Garcons in his life...?!

Susie said...


Thanks so much for the generous comment!! I actually just tried twice to comment on your blog, and it seems I'm unable to. You also don't allow email it seems (I can't find a contact link on your profile and your comment in my email box was "no reply" which is why I'm saying all this here.) I'm familiar with this exact problem in blogger, so email me directly if you don't see any comment from me on your most recent post and care to fix this little blogspot deficiency.

Charlotte said...

Huh, that's really strange - although now I can pretend to myself that people read my blog and want to comment but can't - rather than that no one is reading it! Ha ha!!

By the way, you are the hottest thing in the world right now:

Style Blogs that make you THINK


chukwubuikem said...

in my opinion, one reason people don't really take fashion seriously is maybe because they're still stuck on the absurdity it "preaches". by that i mean, weight issues and stuff like that. they don't realize that fashion is so much more profound since it's also an escape for so many people like you and i and all the other fashion bloggers! you never know, maybe with time they'll see what we all see in fashion!

i love your blog by the way!

meg // morningmidnight.com said...

your tag/label on this made me laugh so hard i almost spit out my tea. just found your blog and am loving it :)