April 18, 2010

Season of the Witch

So as I said in the introductory Summer Witch post, those were just some cursory glances at what I've got in store for, well, myself. I've conjured up some new looks and will share them in a little Summer Witch mini-series. These looks will all be making it into heavy rotation.

In this week's series, you will see certain elements repeated and that's because I shot all these playing dress-up in my house. I'm not gonna act like this is what I wore each day this week. It isn't. I'm also not gonna go do play photo shoots outside. My ass does not have that kinda time right now, and my you, my dear readers, deserve to see more posts! I have so much I want to share with you! On the day I took photos, I went for a walk wearing a jacket over my dress (over pants) and was still a bit chilly. Sucks. On those days Summer Witch stays indoors. She withers in chilly winds, but thrives on humidity and 70+ degrees. Anyhow, on with the clothing.

Here is your first installment:

Things you should know: I got this skirt last fall at Guild Design Collective. If you didn't already know about this place, go visit! The skirt is 90s DKNY, silk, and I love it. I tried wearing it all winter, but never ended up making it work because it always had massive static cling issues. I realized it was meant for summer.

Welcome back, side-boob. I've been missing you.

Wee! Play time fun time!

But seriously, I'm sure you are wondering about my shoes. Ok, I'll tell you about those, too.

They are (super comfortable, canvas, slip-ons) made by Slow and Steady Wins the Race. Turns out I could have bought them directly from the SSWTR site, but actually found them on Totokaelo. This Seattle-based boutique is absolutely murdering the competition with this site. It's so dreamy, probably because I want everything they are selling. They combine a blog, in which customers/members model their merch, with a social network community where the like-minded can connect. Pretty rad. I recommend checking it out. These shoes were my first purchase from Totokaelo, and I plan on wearing them all summer long.

Stay tuned for more b'witching looks. Gah! I'm an idiot, how do you read this crap/how do I write let myself write this crap? (click: publish: regret)


Carissa said...

Your hair is so long! You look so good! Give me those shoes! I love you!

Anonymous said...

i love summer witch!

- jnut