April 8, 2010

Allow me to reintroduce myself

Not so long ago, it became very warm in Minneapolis. I was filled with joy and inspiration, and probably my greatest recent idea emerged out of those 70-degree March days: SUMMER WITCH. It's my new look.

Summer Witch demands that I make an effort to be in-character on all warm days, and is inspired by Anjelica Huston, Yohji Yamamoto, and The Craft (jk on the last one). I sometimes refer to myself as Summer Witch in the 3rd person (for example, "would Summer Witch wear these floral leggings?"), making me officially insane. I'm pretty flexible about incorporating color, just as long as the mood is right. Summer Witch isn't fully goth, hence the "summer." She's like a good-witch but with bad-witch inclinations and tastes. Here are some preliminary Summer Witch test cases. There will be plenty more throughout the summer, duh. I was just overly excited to go ahead and share before the whole thing gets stale in my mind.

Sample #1:

I introduced you to this hat a little while back. It's an integral Summer Witch piece. I got some unnecessary stare from a bro in a car as I pranced down the street in this outfit, so I cast a spell on him.

Sample #2:

I'm pretty in LOVE with this skirt. It's Comme des Garcons, and I picked it up at gh2's recent 90% off sale. Now, I knew that 90% off meant I should definitely go out of my way to attend this sale, but I'm no mathematician. When I was told all I had to do to arrive at the sale price is simply move the decimal one place to the left, I was like, "Magical!" Apparently this happens every year.

I couldn't decide which detail shot to include. The skirt is a size medium, but before tightening the drawstring, the waist is like, humongous. So when you tie it it gathers in a very bulky heavy way. You see this better in the first shot, but the pleats look nicer in the second. In any case, I thought 2 shots of my upper stomach should be enough to ruin the rest of your day, so, why not include both?

I can't wait for more hot, humid, SUMMER WITCH DAYS!


Taj said...

I heart <3 this idea so much!! that hat is sooo AWESOME!!
I need a summer theme!!

Ganymede Girl said...

90% off on Comme Des Garcons!? Damn I would be all over that if I lived in Minneapolis, you're so lucky. I love your idea for your new look, the hat really is perfect for it.

ellen said...

some summer witch inspiration: