April 21, 2010

1 of 2 more (SOTW)

There will be this, and one more on Friday, then I'll give it a rest and move onto some other topic for a bit. But I just had to share them all! And I thought breaking it up would keep everything a little more neat and tidy.

Let me explain what we have here. I'm wearing a size large silk nightie from Victoria's Secret incorrectly and backwards like Kris Kross. It is nowhere close to fitting me in the proper way (no boobs to hold it up), nor would I ever wear a halter nightie. I bought it last summer to harvest the fabric to make a Chanel-esque long white skirt layer, over which I would wear the sheer DKNY skirt (remember that ad campaign?), all of which never happened because 1. I was too busy to complete a simple sewing project, and 2. previously mentioned issues with major static in the dry dry dry MN winter. So it hangs in my closet waiting to be used, and now I've figured out one possibility.

It's normally a halter with typical triangle-shaped boob holders. The bow-like gathered detail seen gracing the top of my chest (above) would normally be the back side of the dress. I used the halter straps to tie it around me and hold it up. I think it made the back look interesting in this U-shape, which is actually the boob triangles turned sideways due to how I tied the straps:

It's also exciting how wearing it like this created a slight train. To me it's exciting. These are the kinds of things I get slightly excited about in life.

One more left in this series. I hope your anticipation is killing you. It's a good one, promise.

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Taj said...

this is so good!!cant wait!!!