March 10, 2010

A Time to Shop: Rewind Vintage

Rewind Vintage is a gem tucked away in the Northeast (locals, am I really supposed to say Nordeast?) at Johnson St. between 28th and 29th. It's super on-point with current trends, meaning instead of getting that 90s-esque floral dress at UO, you can just get an actual 90s dress. Which is better anyhow, because it's Esprit and how funny is that? This is where I found my Escada bandage skirt.

After one visit I was drawn back to this store. It is always well-merchandised, and I'm developing a 6th sense for the types of items I can expect to find when I visit. It's filled with tons of brightly colored, fun, very wearable 70s-90s vintage.

On my recent birthday trip I awkwardly asked the owner if I could play with my new camera in her store. She kindly humored me.

There is a great selection of leather jackets, and I'm always hunting for the perfect one. I don't own any leather jackets, and I'm not quite sure what the "perfect" one for me will look like. Preferably one that doesn't make me look like I'm packing ninja stars (Asian dilemma). Bright colors are probably a good start.

I tried on this peach skirt. It would have been nice if I hadn't gained 10 lbs. over winter and been eating ham all week. Oh well. I got a pastel safari print A-line with an elastic waistband instead. And my hat! We mustn't forget the hat!

It should be known that there is a quite respectable selection of women's shoes and jewelry.

Leather boots of all sorts line the baseboards throughout the store, and the rotation has been new every time I've gone in.

As for the jewelry, this is maybe 5% of what's available:

I really love that cross necklace. My love of awesome religious (esp. Catholic) iconography and kitsch is where I've had to make a marriage compromise. Mike just can't deal.
I also very much adore the necklace on the countertop here. Damn, maybe I needed that?

Other things I noticed include a great selection of 70s maxi dresses and jumpsuits, lots of 90s long sleeve body con minis a la A. Wang, ex:

And a truly excellent Western shirt. Some flaxen-haired maiden is going to look awesome in this.

And on the boy's side, a sweet little accessories set-up.

The best boots ever.

Not to mention loads of clothes.

And these brogues. I was a big fan. They are actually a larger women's size (can't remember it exactly).

So when you are driving up Johnson Street, look out for it. Better yet, plan a trip. (As you can see on the left-hand side of this picture,) it's thawing out, melting off, and will soon be Springtime. The best time! A time for love. And for shopping.


Ann said...

Is that my Rodarte for Target dress I spy in the corner of one picture?

Susie said...

I believe it might be.

I forgot to mention that they carry a small rack of not-yet-vintage resale in my post.

Carissa said...

I'm flying there tomorrow. Must have all that great vintage. San Diego is SO picked over. That place is a treasure trove! See you tomorrow!

hereisafantasylikenowhereelse said...

Oh, yes! I love this well-edited shop and everyone who works there. I've tried on the black mini numerous times, telling myself that I will buy it once I get over my fear of looking like a brunette Kelly Bundy.