March 15, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday I was so damn happy. All winter I may have felt like this kid, just singing the words, not putting any feeling into it. And then, like Whoopi's encouragement, the bright sunshine came along to make me shout out loud just how happy I truly am. Thus, here is the soundtrack to this post. Click play; scroll.

To you, this is merely an outfit post. For me, it's so much more. Yesterday was the most glorious day. The universe conspired to bring us 64 degrees (!!!), bright blue skies, sunshine, AND Mike didn't have to work. Happy day indeed. I wore some ridiculous combination of shit.

Including Shirin Guild harem pants, J. Crew belt, Marc by MJ blouse, American Apparel scarf, vintage loafers, secondhand cardigan, brand new ClareVivier messenger bag (more on that later), and vintage Pucci sunglasses.

(Um, does it get any better than these pants?)

Anyhow, we walked all over town. I wanted to go see how the lakes are doing as they have obviously started to thaw out. They looked so beautiful.

It was pretty surreal to see ice fishermen out on an a frozen lake whose days as such are clearly numbered while on the shore people were laying out trying to get that melanin working again.

I just kept thinking how amazing it was to not have to wear a coat!


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Ganymede Girl said...

Thank you for the super sweet comment on our blog, we really appreciate it! I'm also really happy that through your comment I've discovered your blog, and I have to admit that I actually just read through the whole thing and I LOVE your style and honesty. You both have such great taste and I am definitely going to keep reading!