March 27, 2010

It's so easy

Happy Saturday morning to you. (Noon is still part of the morning in my world.) Today we'll be talking about this:
I just started my day by re-watching this video, and even though I think you may already know about it, I wanted to share! I remember watching for the first time and seeing my youth flash before my eyes in the first 22 seconds. Not many fashion shows make me giddy and smile and shout things out at my computer screen. And nothing builds up anticipation and positive energy like some weed, yin yang, and dolphin graphics. There is just SO MUCH to love about Gerlan Jeans, it really is almost too easy for me...

I nearly lost my shit when I saw Beyonce wearing this Gerlan tee in Videophone:
I hadn't really thought about Gerlan since my initial outburst of excitement over the fact that someone had pretty much nailed it in terms on 90s memes, but today I was looking at Dropsnap and came across this lovely young woman, and felt really jealous. How do the Japanese do it? How do they get to have all of my favorite things in the world, all on that tiny little island?

But back to Gerlan, and why I truly do hope she takes over the world. When I saw my dream maxi dress:and trashy 90s looks, complete with floral Docs, and over-all straps (later, some actual shorts-overalls came along)
these pants, and these models, all coming down the runway to "They Don't Care About Us," I knew that I had to find out more about the mind of whoever was behind this whole business.
Gerlan Marcel basically then became my favorite fashion celebrity. She has been in fashion as a print designer for many years, working behind the scenes at a number of major labels. She tells Interview mag that she grew up in the midwest coveting Esprit and Benetton, not knowing who Galliano was. Um, hi, me too. In East Tennessee where I grew up I would have killed for some Esprit, and was spritzing myself with other kids' cK one (later, cK be) at any given opportunity. And I will tell you that I used to do the front of my hair just like this in elementary school, while wearing an oversized Troll t-shirt with fluorescent puff paint almost every day. Seeing this image was like seeing the girl I always dreamed of growing up to be.
The other thing I love about Gerlan Marcel is girl gives a GREAT interview. An excerpt (regarding her Fall 09 debut collection):
The collection was inspired by aliens landing and what would happen if they did. When I started working on the prints I got turned on to this buzz that was going around on the blogs that aliens had touched down in Louisiana last October to tell people that they're around and that they're coming back in 2012. That got me thinking that when the aliens land they will have the most outrageous looks. I'm sure their prints probably are 3-D and animated. I'm sure there are so many exciting things that will happen when that world meets ours; that was definitely the jump-off point for the prints, the feeling and the styling. It's like, "How do aliens know how many baseball caps to wear." (emphasis added)
Amazing. I'm excited to see where this brand goes. And I really wish I knew how to get my hands on the pink pot leaf blouse from S/S 2010. Alas, I live in the middle of nowheresville, so I'll just keep dreaming. TTYL,


Ganymede Girl said...

The fist print is awesome, it reminds me of when I was in my teens and really into riot grrl.

Susie said...

i guess i could add that i think it's a major accomplishment to have a runway presentation that's totally over the top and out of the ordinary in the vision it creates, but using completely wearable pieces. which the girl in the fist jacket illustrates.