March 26, 2010

Housewife realness

Looking at Fall 2010 and reading reviews such as "Paris: A Rounder Season" by Cathy Horyn and Sarah Mower's Prada review at, I ask myself, do women know "what we want" in relation to our bodies? Or do Miuccia and Marc know better?

Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 "And God Created Woman"


Beehives and tiny handbags at Prada

It would seem that these two can do no wrong in the minds of mainstream fashion writers and editors lately. But I wonder, is it that these designers are recapturing the lamentable loss of feminine shapes and clean design? Or simply returning to traditional ideas about femininity, while tapping a market for nostalgia? And is this not basically just like how dudes are looking like assholes left and right in this "heritage" trend of late?

All I'm saying is, Mad Men is just a really good TV show, not a lifestyle brand. I liked the Sopranos a whole lot, too, and I didn't start teasing my hair and wearing acrylic nails because I enjoyed the show.

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Ganymede Girl said...

Great post! I wasn't loving these collections either because I don't feel like flattering the female figure or making your body appear more attractive should be the most important thing in fashion. I would rather see something NEW exploring different creative ways to make clothes rather than some pretty dresses meant to emphasize bust or create an hourglass figure. Being attractive or having sex appeal is about so much more than having a nice figure, I suppose that's why I often tend to gravitate towards Japanese designers...