March 13, 2010

How we started our year

Those of you who have been reading this here blog for over 3 months may recall that we went away and got hitched. This was a very private sort of thing, not really something I want to blow up in this space. But, as nice clothing was worn, and it almost all came from local boutiques, I'll share with you at least that much.

I came up on my gown 5 days after getting engaged last June at, well, June, the loveliest resale boutique in all the Twin Cities. (I also bought some awesome patent leather boots that same day, and then told you about them. Remember?)

It's Alberta Ferretti and is made of silk and wool and hand beading. It was my first time going into June. I still remember seeing it just like this on the mannequin. And to be completely honest with you, I didn't even care about it at first! I was planning (already had an outfit plan) on wearing something much less sparkly. In fact the original plan was for something long and slip-like, no sparkle at all. This gown seemed a bit over the top for someone like me, someone who was, on that fateful day, sweaty in a tank top and booty shorts on my way to happy hour via bicycle.

Oh but then I tried it on. I had that moment. And I bought it. I mean, it was to be a New Year's Eve wedding. Of course sparkly would work. And the detailing is pretty amazing.
So here we are in Los Angeles about to get married on New Year's Eve. Mike's suit came from BlackBlue boutique in St. Paul, and he also told you all about it last year.

(Karen Elson wore it better in black.)
Everything about the wedding was perfect. I had to make a costume change out of that gown, though. It was quite heavy, and not conducive to dancing all night on New Year's Eve. For that portion of the evening, I wore a black Stella McCartney dress covered in grosgrain ribbon detailing. I wasn't really making an effort to get a good blog outfit photo, sorry... It's this one:
with no sleeves:The Wolfords were also involved, and a popcorn machine.Aww.xo.


vadim-kontra said...

Absolutely swell.

Taj said...

congratss!!you guys look so good together!

DAT said...

I know this is late, but you two looked real good at your wedding. A more well-put together and bitingly clever couple could not be fabricated.

ellen said...

Fantastic! I hope I look half as good at my wedding. Congrats!

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

CONGRATULATIONS! you guys look FANTASTIC and totally cutedorable.

rubykitty said...

ohhhh - lovely!! so beautiful!! i was wondering what it looked like! can i post one of the photos on my shop site?

rubykitty said...

by the way - this is daune from june!