March 29, 2010


A little while back, I went on a hunt. It was a hunt for the perfect, leather, logo-free medium/large bag with both handles and a long strap.

Somehow, within weeks of starting this hunt, I came across the CLAREVIVIER line and it was love at first sight. I got this new bag for spring, and it's practically perfect in every way.

This messenger tote was pretty much exactly what I wanted in my life. I was looking at the company's website, contemplating if I should make the purchase. I waited a couple days on it, and in the meantime subscribed to the blog (adorable.) I tend to get a little too "into" any person/company/brand that I like, even if for a few days. And CLAREVIVIER pretty much instantly became a stalker situation for me with goods like this.

All the bags are locally made in Burbank, and it seems Clare herself is still very involved in the manufacturing process. Pictures like this make me happy (from the blog).

On further, deeper levels of stalking, I followed Clare to Paris, found out she's from Minnesota, and swooned over her personal style. But really, my stalkerism aside, the quality speaks for itself. I love how the bag manages to have both a handmade and luxury feel at the same time.

I also really like the font of the branding.

It's pretty interesting watching this label grow via Clare's blog posts. Inasmuch as I feel like I get to "know" someone through an online persona, I like how a blog can personalize the product for me and make me feel excited for someone's success.


Ann said...

I've been searching for the same bag myself and finally settled with one from UO. I had gotten another one prior to that that ended up being too heavy without anything in you can imagine how that ended up. These are so lovely and I can't believe they're just made down the street from me? Too bad they're out of my art-student budget!

Carissa said...

These are amazing! Very A.P.C. No logos, no studs, no anything. Simply a well-made satchel. I want the mini sac! In red!

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

SO GOOD. love a simple, no frills luxe bag.

Anonymous said...

I know you often shop at thrift stores (or it seems that way from your posts) but can I ask you to write a post on affording these luxurious items that you buy from time to time. Do you have any tips for us?

Michael said...

Dear Anonymous,

Step 1: Get born.

Step 2: Get married.

Step 3: Wait until the anniversary of your birth rolls around.


Vivier said...

thanks for this susie! so happy you like your bag.
let's meet for cafe next time i'm in mn!

Susie said...

Dear Anonymous,

Please don't let Michael's harsh tone offend you. I think he's pointing out to me that I failed to mention this was a (very nice) birthday present to me from him. He deserves the credit!!

That said, I am on a grad student budget and am not a kept housewife who gets luxury goods as gifts all the time.

Almost all my other "luxury" items are bought on major discount or secondhand as well. And other than that I just have a slightly different set of spending priorities in my life than perhaps most other people. I am hoping that "tips" in this regard come out over time on this blog. I'll keep your comment in mind when I post about more high-end labels.

Thanks for reading!

Susie said...

PS: getting married is by no means a necessary step to acquiring nice gifts. some people are crazy enough to go ahead and gift a boy they've been dating for 4 months things like a new APC coat... just sayin' not everyone can/wants to get married

Anonymous said...

I have a request! Could you take a picture with the bag? I'm thinking of buying the bag. . .Thanks:)

Michael said...

This post has a couple shots of it in action: