February 19, 2010

This Is It

I'm pretty pleased with this getup. It's how I want to look on the regular. (Only, I don't.) New shirt new shoes new pants...I call this next photo "Attitude." I guess I call it that because of the position of my left leg. I LOLd at it when I saw it when I saw it, thought to myself, "attitude" and next thing you know I'm hearing the Misfits in my head. 5 minutes later I'm listening to the Misfits... am I a retarded person?
Ok but you wanted to know about these clothing items. Well, I lied when I said they are all "new" because they are all vintage. They are all new additions to my wardrobe. Firstly, we have this flesh tone silk blouse that is impeccably tailored. It appears to be handmade. I bought it at Lula Vintage in St. Paul, one of many awesome vintage shops in the area. (Mike got rad bow ties. Maybe one day he'll stop being shy and show you things he buys, too.) It's one of those 1940's blouses that buttons up the back. If I were less flexible in the shoulders I would not be able to put it on or take it off alone.The oxfords are from Rarae Aves etsy shop.

But these pants are obviously the centerpiece here. They are vintage Claude Montana. A treasure of a find from Blacklist Vintage. Check it:The cummerbund is attached on the right then you pull it through a hole on that protruding left hip flap. These are wool, yet feel like dad's old sweatpants, which is to say: fucking comfortable.

Word on the street is, it was NY fashion week. From my cursory blog scrolling I've gathered that this is supposed to blow my mind.I mean it's cool or whatever. I'd wear 50% of the Marc Jacobs looks, I guess, maybe? I still haven't gotten around to diving in at style.com.

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Claudette said...

Hi Susie and Michael,

I just discovered this right here blog of yours through Ellen's Minneapoline. And I love. The Twin Cities are infinitely more stylist with you two living here.

I am totally loving this outfit, Susie.