February 10, 2010

More Musings Fall 2010: Thom Browne

I've come to love Thom Browne over the last couple of years not just for the amazing things that he does for men's fashion, but for the shows that he puts on while doing it. This year was no exception.

The beauty of the Moncler Gamme Bleu collaborations is that they exist as a creative outlet. Much like the fall Burberry show, they're an outerwear showcase first and foremost, but Browne gets to have fun with the details. So even if he goes a little crazy, there's still some great jackets in the mix. His decision to slim down the proportions of heavy winter gear is at least partly responsible for the recent resurgence of puffers, like, everywhere. Regardless of your opinion about the collection, the man has a vision and he is executing.

But what I really love about Thom Browne's output this season was the beautiful Black Fleece line he showed for Brooks Brothers. Don't be fooled by the modest (by Thom's standards) presentation: this line is the goods.
That cardigan looks buttery-soft.
I love everything about that duffle coat.
Keep in mind this stuff is being sold at Brooks Brothers.
Nice work, Major Thom.


Taj said...

I love Thom!!! this season was such a refreshing take on an old idea! thats why I <3 him!(and I totez need look #2, like...NAO!!)

king of all i survey said...

I really like this post, classic men's wear is really coming into it's own and, despite the odd(for me) runway looks, this designer has a very clean look.