February 4, 2010

Let me count the ways

Phoebe Philo is my hero. The vision she is creating at Celine is exactly the inspiration I've been needing in my life. So let me tell you exactly why after the images. Because I think it's important for young women to hear this.

Philo has turned out three amazing collections for Celine in 2010. Let's review.

spring:resort: In which she manages to make bermuda shorts look sinister.

and most recently, pre-fall:This pre-fall has me very excited to see actual-fall.

I love
1. The matching. Case in point the dark gray and red sweater with dark gray tights and red shoes. Quite often I have thoughts of dressing in a matchy outfit like this but suppress it. I'm going to go for it. And I'm excited by this. I don't generally feel right in a hodgepodge of patterns, prints and colors from head to toe. My entrance into caring about clothing design emerged in the late 90s and early 00s when my version of escapism involved Jil Sander and Calvin Klein. This brings me to...

2. The revitalized minimalism. The post-industrial grayscale variety became less relevant in recent times. Philo's use of clean lines with comforting fabrics and warm colors is the future.

3. The confident femininity. The sex appeal here is challenging and intelligent. I want my style to develop in this direction. I'm about to be 25, and LA party slut isn't looking so cute. I just got an Urban catalog in the mail and the sweet little milky white nymphs all look cute and sweet, but I'm not trying to entice pedophiles. I also don't think I want to be described as cute and sweet.

4. This is not a trend. This is well-designed clothing, and it demands to be taken seriously. Perfectly cut trench coats and trousers are grown-up wardrobe staples and will not be found at Forever 21 in 3 weeks, gone in 3 more (or falling apart).

Maybe this sounds a little serious, but I'm just serious about my evolution as a woman! haha.

Thanks, Phoebe! I heart u.(I adore this photo, and her clothes, and how she wears them.)

All images at style.com

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