January 14, 2010

Mellow Out

I'm into the simplicity of Parisian shoe line Mellow Yellow. It's in the Jeffrey Campbell price range, but rather than knock off the most outrageous "statement shoes," which I'm wary of buying because of their novelty and trendiness, the brand does understated chic. I'm really feeling understatement when it comes to accessories, as I'm thinking the blaringly loud maybe has little else to say other than, "look at me."

Some of my favorites:This is the pair I really want, but which color?
And as any Euro-philes may already know, it's soldes/saldi/sale time right now... even online.

The online shop is here.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

oooh, LOVE the taupe pair. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

here is a fantasy said...

I would go for the one with treads if you want to be able to stomp around in the snow for the next few months. Miss you!