December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Until we get back, I leave you with this:

See you in 2010.


These two little lovebirds are taking off for a lil bit. Big things to come, so stay tuned.

Mike and Susie

December 22, 2009

Winter boot neurosis

Finally, I have experienced the reason why all the girls at the University up here love wearing Uggs so much. Turns out, fur all around your foot feels incredible. I thought I knew, but I had no idea. I can't take these off! So fucking warm and comfy. Dr. Marten's "Serena" boot.With fur. I wanna get some bright laces in red, highlighter yellow, and pink. Anyone know where to go shopping for shoelaces? I'm thinking of stopping by Hot Topic (not joking). Guess what else? I found some gray sweater tights with black polka dots. I think they will pair nicely.

PS Fuck J. Crew catalog and their annoyingly impeccable styling for trying to make me think this is cool:Like the sucker for advertising that I truly am, I searched high and low (on the internet) for the Sorel Caribou boot after seeing this, and it's sold out everywhere (on the internet). I found out yesterday at the mall that the Columbia store has tons of Sorels, including these, in stock. So I bought them impulsively. But I realized at home, after a compare-and-contrast session with the Docs, that unless you are going on an arctic winter expedition for 5 days in northern Canada they are a bit much. They are uncomfortable to the point that I know instantly that I will never want to wear them. They shall be returned. (Sadly, I still think they look cool.)


We aren't really doing shit for Christmas this year except trying to finish a bunch of DIY wedding projects. Regardless, it is imperative that I attend at least one holiday party each year so that I can wear my Santa cape! This has to be one of the best things ever made. It is actually bright red, not orange, but my camera does not do so well with reds :( I decided to go for "slutty Mrs. Claus" with the cape this year.It's missing some buttons, but so what? It's a bright red wool cape with fur and pockets and hood. Pie earrings by Erica Weiner, a wonderful jewelry designer. The are little plates with a slice of pie and a very tiny fork on them! Pie is my favorite.

December 18, 2009

If I were a boy

I probably would not have bought this either. This hooded sweater is my latest find in men's clothing. There were (unsurprisingly) tons of these on the sale rack at Urban Outfitters. I was not even trying to go shopping, but some evil forces pulled me inside. That's how it always happens.

It's a size large. I can't imagine a large-sized man wanting to wear a thin, boxy, drapey top with a LOTR hood. But I will, gladly.A fantastic hood. Also, I bought a highlighter colored hat and I'm very pleased with it.
What happened next, you ask? Well, I finished getting dressed, which required full cankle coverage and your mom's L.L. Bean duffle coat in navy blue Italian lambswool (to make one feel as classy as possibly when ordering from L.L. Bean) and Thinsulate lining (to actually make one want to buy this thing). Even this frightening image did not deter me. The reviews guaranteed my warmth; I clicked "Buy." I can't mess around with "fashion" coats, people. This is a matter of survival. Outside I go!Wool socks (also L.L. Bean) changed my Minnesota life. These F-Troupe boots, not so much. These boots have fur, but only on the ankle part. Not good enough for these delicate toes of mine. Thus, right now I'm patiently awaiting the UPS delivery of my new Dr. Marten's boots-with-the-fur! I'll show them to you if they make the cut.

December 14, 2009

A-shop-ing instead of a-work-ing

Since my recent discovery that sweater tights are acceptable for those days where we stay just above the single digit temperatures, I'm on an insatiable hunt for more pairs. The search led me to anthropologie, where these are on sale. (Photos = links.)

Both are marked down to $19.95 instead of $38. Both I will not be buying. But maybe you can? The ones with the kneepatch I would love to have. But all the reviews indicate that even the large won't be long enough for people over 5'5". Boo hoo, I'm too tall. I have seen the plaid ones in person. They look incredibly thick and warm like a wool sock, but I think they're just super ugly. Looks like a grandpa sweater from the 80s. Maybe if you are into that sort of thing you can make these look really wonderful. I'm just not the one.

Here are the real dreamboats:Isobel and Cleo's Grape Stitch Back Seam Leggings

I turned to etsy, thinking someone has to be making warm, hand-knit sweater tights. And indeed someone is! Isobel and Cleo, UK based designers of hand-knit goods. The leggings are a little out of my price range as of right now. But maybe... someday... In the meantime they also have some lovely scarves and collars. And also some crazy pants. (Photos all link to items.)
The "Kid n' Play Dread Balaclava":


December 11, 2009


Friday night will consist of painting my nails, reading magazines, and watching videos. Especially this one. Boxing, nudity, and random psychedelia. What more can you ask for?

December 6, 2009

Cocoon time

That's a wrap on fall for Minnesota. With highs this week from 15-27, it's time for the real test of whether or not I can stay cute below freezing. Not that I was cute in the first place. It's just that last winter I wore a uniform every day, and it was a direct reflection of my shitty mood. So I'm trying maybe 30% harder this time. I don't think I can give it a full "100%," as they say, since I'm in the crunch time of finals and wedding planning.

I had to give a presentation last Friday. It was 17 degrees and snowing. Whenever I'm under-prepared and super effing exhausted, I like to distract everyone with something like a giant Colonel Sanders bow below my chin. It helps distract attention away from the massive dark circles under my eyes. I borrowed this black sweater from Mike and threw on some sweater tights (totally warmer than pants, actually) and these wool Gap shorts I got for obscenely cheap off the sale rack on a random "take an additional 40% off already reduced items" day. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever pay full price for a garment again in my life. I'm an unashamed sale-monger. Damn, we should clean our room!! And I'm failing to wear color, btw. (Mainly because I would need to actually own some.) I added to this one of my many gray coats. Also Gap :( Also on some obscene markdown last year, so I paid like $35 instead of $180 or something. I like it because of the rounded drop-shoulder seams. It has a nice silhouette and reminded me of more high-end tailoring. I think my point here is while you may hate the mall and mall brands in general, if you go into a store you are ambivalent about and dig deep into the sale racks, you will find treasures that are the result of their demographic passing on a design where the brand took a risk. And it will be really cheap. Anyway back to layering. So now I look like Judge Judy and don't mind at all. But it's in the teens outside, so I have to just get into the cocoon. Nevermind the shorts, bow, silhouette, and tailoring I was mentioning. It will be engulfed by my gigantic scarf. Oh well, I love this scarf. It's super duper long and warm. And I was really loving the cold and snow, which is strange. Happy winter!

December 4, 2009

Wide, Baggy

Here I am in my JNCOs guys.
^OMG Is that what I look like I'm wearing?^

No, not really? I think it was just the dim lighting creating the distinctive JNCO silhouette. But I can't lie, these are pretty damn loose.But oh so comfy. I bought these pants secondhand, but they are from Express from probably like 2-3 years ago? I think they are pretty awesome for Express. I never go in that store because $5 rummage bins of stretch jersey frighten me. It's not that obvious in the photo, but they sit on top of my hips and puff out away from my body at the top of the waistband, "paper bag" style.I figured since I was wearing raver pants, might as well thrown on a baby-tee over a long sleeve t-shirt. The logic is sound.