October 27, 2009

A good day for a walk

Earlier today, a San Diego friend remarked on how chilly it was getting there. It was 67 degrees.

Meanwhile here in Minneapolis, we spent most of the day in the forties and fifties which made for perfect walk weather. Leaf-littered lawns and tincture-tinted trees dominated my dalliances. (Just making sure you're paying attention, boo.)

Pretty soon, it's all going to look like this.

But for now...

Here's what I wore.

Anyone up for that mini burger contest?

October 23, 2009

Lessons in thrift

Lovely evening we had last night, me and the boo. I was already wearing most of this outfit when we went out to June for a great event. I acquired this thick wool Sisley blazer while there (thanks, future husband!) thus, finally completing my fall look! This blazer is instantly my favorite thing right now.The event at June was a one-night-only revival of the best store I've ever know, Luehmann. Last year we lived right down the street from this tiny shop of wonders and curiosities. Sadly, it closed, but last at this event we were able revisit her amazing collection, and picked up a black sand hourglass. Here it is on our bookshelf.Ok but let's talk about this skirt, shall we? I've been pretty excited about it for a long time now, because I bought it in the middle of summer and couldn't wear it yet. I was a bit in love with the fall Chanel ad campaign featuring long sheer black and white skirts and tight jackets, and you may remember me telling you about how much I loved Yohji Yamamoto's SS2010 line. Well, it's all coming together.(My clip-on earring was falling out but I wanted to use this photo anyway! Don't judge me by that droopy lobe.)

Pleats are really very fun.
The skirt is Gaultier, bought at gh2 for I believe $100. Add to that my new Sisley jacket (wool, made in Italy, perfect condition) for $35, the oxford shirt borrowed from Mike (J.Crew men's), my vintage spectators from Lost and Found for $20-somthing, and I have this outfit for under $200 and featuring Italian-made, long-term keepable items that will withstand trends and the test of time. I love it.

Also, I'm pretty into these weird clip-on black earrings. All I wear now is clip-ons. And they are from my newest favorite Minneapolis vintage boutique, Rewind, in the northeast. Yesterday Mike and I came up on some seriously ridiculous finds there that we'll show you very soon.I wonder if people think I'm into Twilight now?


"Bad taste is real taste, of course, and good taste is the residue of some else's privilege."
- Dave Hickey

October 17, 2009


I came across a lovely video of Vivienne Westwood on T Magazine this morning. Unfortunately, I can't embed it, but it's worth a viewing whether or not you like her clothing. She evokes some good questions about dressing yo self. And more than anything I just love funky old women. Especially ones with an accent.

Best quote, "People have never looked so dreadful, ever."

Strange things this week

Monday began an unusual week. It was so cold and snow happened. Mike had the day off so we ventured out for coffee and shopping. Here is the baby himself, in his A.P.C. coat that I bought for him almost 2 years ago now.Annnd we're off.That's right. I bought it for him. Almost 2 years ago. We've only been together for 2 years and 4 months, so that makes me a crazy person. I'm glad it worked out and we're getting married because that is a nice jacket.

The first snow of the year is kinda magical. But usually there aren't still green leaves on the trees when it happens!
Today it's beautiful and sunny and much warmer (48!). I walked around the block with my coffee. I wore Mike's thick knit sweater, my plaid Charlotte Ronson (for... ehem... UO) jacket, and my new vintage hot pink suede loafers!!! I love them!!

Here is what I saw. On the same block as all that snow from Monday.And beneath that tree... Evidence that our neighbors know how to have fun better than us?

I'll just keep looking up.
The "fall smell" was abundant out there today.

October 9, 2009

Parisian conclusion

For no reason other than Meghan's comment on the last one of these, I bring you my conclusion on the second half of fashion week, where my question about the future woman met with a number of competing answers.

The hype over Chanel's presentation has been on my mind. I guess I was vindicated by Karl on those white clogs I picked up a couple months ago? But seriously, longing for the pastoral is such a cliche hobby for the rich, no wonder critics were eating that shit up, like "Oh look, a barn! How magical?" And it goes perfectly with the 21st century shift toward self-congratulatory attempts to "get back in touch with nature" through organics, slow foods, and the like. Full disclosure: I love local food and self-congratulate for shopping at the farmer's market. I love all the quaint and pastoral things about the Midwest. But I recognize that it's just a product of my love for staying in touch with the bourgeois tastes and will not save us all from the ecological doomsday we've created... (sorry for that but I'm telling you a story here... it's not necessarily a true one).

Did anyone notice none of these clothes matter? Are we supposed to think quilts are chic now, or that draping tulle all over our bodies is cool?
Karl, keepin' it kitschy in some rugged denim:

SO back to our story. In contrast to the rural longings of the rich at Chanel, McQueen provides us with a wardrobe for when nature is finally overcome and we are all cyborgs! This shit was over the top amazing! I used to sit on the couch as a kid while my dad watched the Sci-Fi channel, thinking its funny how all the women of the sci-fi future were super beautiful and styled in body-con suits, but with weird-ass spots all over their skin or horns or whatever. I am actually not into science fiction at all, but am intrigued by this and the question of its relevance. As Gerald asked me, is McQueen an important designer now? Good question. Yesterday NASA bombed the moon looking for water, so maybe this is what we can wear when we go to live there?Alright, that's my dissertation on Spring 2010 and futurity. Here's what I actually wanna be wearing. I'm so happy for the revival of Celine. These would all make excellent professor outfits for Spring semester.

I want to be a cool kid and gush about Givenchy like everyone else. But I keep wondering if we're being duped. I mean, the fucking keffiyeh as graphic print? Honestly, I had completely divided feeling on this. I loved half and loathed half. Tisci shows amazing skill at cut and construction, but pushes into overly trendy territory where I can just imagine all the knock-offs at Forever 21 already. I wish he would use his obvious talent to transcend that niche.
Aside: I love Lakshmi Menon. She is my favoritest model I think, so I'm including her. She's brown, 26 years old, and college educated, so I'm in love. So glad she didn't get stuck in the horrible prints. Such a beautiful lady.
Everything else was mediocre. Marc Jacobs takes Vuitton even further into hackery, YSL was kinda a snoozefest, although I thought this was lovely. But just because of that color on that girl, and previously mentioned love of the draping trend.
I stareted wondering again if Stella McCartney is riding her privilege. I'm really not a fan of Chloe since Hannah MacGibbon took over. Who wants to look like they are wearing a camel blanket? And if I need a 90s working-mom blazer I'll get it at Goodwill. But you know what, I don't think I need a 90s blazer. Miu Miu did nothing for me because I don't care about adolescence.

So that's a wrap. Meanwhile, here in the great upper Midwest, it snowed overnight with a low of 23 degress, making Spring feel quite a long way off. Back to the coat posts for this blog.

Recently thrifted

This week I...

1. ...started trying to break in these new (old) shoes I bought a while back at Lost and Found, a thrift/resale store on Nicollet, which has mostly 80s and 90s things they most likely found at other thrift stores and have marked up. But sometimes I just need someone else to do that work of picking at the actual thrift stores for me. So I bought these unworn vintage Kenneth Cole spectators there for $22. These shoes are too small for me and hurt really bad today. But it was the same case with my Delman's and now they fit perfectly. You just have to suffer a few times... right?

2. ...re-discovered how many coats I own. This being one of them. And I had totally forgotten about this scarf. I got both of these at Buffalo Exchange in San Diego before moving. Once I knew I was coming to MN, for about 5 months in the middle of California summer, all I bought were coats. Speaking of Buffalo Exchange, I picked up these shoes at the MN location down the street from my apt over the summer. Wore them with this outfit, making all but the denim and blouse underneath from various versions of the same, ubiquitous second-hand store...
4. ...realized my hair is getting quite long. Long enough that I purchased a proper hairbrush. I don't think I've owned one for about 6 years now. Is that gross?Total vanity shot there guys. No really, that's my makeshift vanity I'm standing in front of. I took this picture to try to figure out if my hair was long enough to wear it like Aaliyah. It's not quite there yet.

5. ...did lots and lots of other bullshit. Including engaging in my unending internal dialogue about whether or not to drop out of school.

October 5, 2009

Anticipating the woman of the twenty-teens

Over the weekend, perusing images of the shows in Paris was my only solace from academics. Why? Because I care about the woman of the future. A new decade is upon us! What will our clothing say about us in the 20teens? So why don't I tell you what I think so far. (So far means last Wednesday through Saturday. Sunday through Thursday of this week will have to wait until I reemerge from the books at week's end.)

I believe almost everyone was aiming to please buyers (except for Viktor and Rolf, see previous post, who only made 50% aimed at the market and the rest aimed at dreamlandscapes of the future bourgeoisie - or something). Under the pressures of utilitarianism, some fell into redundancy, while others met the necessary challenge to be both innovative and available. Thus, we will go from what I think was boring, to what I liked best, to what is simply beautiful, and end with the worst.

These were just not doing anything for me.
Aren't we getting a little bored of this look? It seems so very "LA" in a stereotypical way.

Also, Balenciaga. This is pretty contentious I'm sure, but I thought this collection was just modernist painting rendered onto skinny pants, tank tops, and short skirts, and I was quite bored.

Now for what I liked. Still aiming at the popular market, but without being overly pandering, we have Yohji Yamamoto, who perfectly captured the adult, womanly goth I'm planning for myself this fall (Aside: Can't wait to show you my new Gaultier floor length pleated skirt - it's da bomb.)

Comme des Garcon is always my favorite in this world, and this collection built nicely on last fall. One day, I will save my pennies and buy a Comme des Garcon, Junya, or Yohji structured/deconstructed jacket.

I continue to be enamored with Lanvin and the inspiring beauty created by Alber Elbaz. At first I was bored by the ladylikeness of it all, recalling an interview with Alber who states quite bluntly that he's designing for real, working women. That is well and good, but does it help the woman look to her own future, push the boundaries of feminine sexuality? Or does it further entrench her into her current mode of life and a received Western notion of beauty? Yet by the end of this show, I was thoroughly impressed and wanted all things flowy, beautiful, and sparkly. So an achievement, yes, but I'm still ultimately more interested in the Japanese perspective on design and the body going into the next decade.

See how this started off boring then got ridiculous (3-6 are all I care about here)? Everything about that last one reads South Beach grandma and I'm totally OK with it.

Also, in similar ways to Lanvin, Haider Ackerman pleased me. Mainly because of the draping and puffy volume around the stomach. But I would want to mess up the ultra-chic feeling of these garments and put on pants under the short dresses. And polka dot leggings and red flats.


And then there were Margiela and Rick Owens, who both stood out as particularly bad, sadly. Slouchy boots are not the way into the future. And despite what I may have thought at one time, neither is black-white-gray + geometry.

The problem with this first "piece" has already been discussed over at Hard Liquor, Soft Holes. That shit had me loling! The rest is just uninspired and would not look good on anyone.
Rick Owens:

Margiela, what the hell? I agree with Sarah Mower at style.com, "it is almost unkind to enumerate the ways in which it disappointed." Ouch.

It seemed during this first half of Paris' week, most others were just turning it in for credit, not taking risks or really trying to innovate. What did you think?

Ok. This was my most ridiculous post yet. But I'm done now, that's all I wanted to say on the subject.

I think I also just wanted to play in photoshop to avoid completing my "real" work.

October 4, 2009

Finally, some over the top impracticallity!

Viktor & Rolf Spring 2010:

In love with the dress that looks like labia at 4:27 and all the actually wearable shit that comes after it.

Parte 2


I'm also interested in checking out their new fragrance "Eau Mega." Isn't that a clever name? But seriously, I think I've outgrown my Flowerbomb. ha.

October 3, 2009

Blue suede jacket?

I am asking for your advice, my 5 readers... So I bought this heavy, lined, blue suede jacket at Blacklist at the beginning of summer thinking it was the coolest thing. Then last night I wore it out and now I'm not so sure about it. Tell me what you think. I still think the jacket itself is awesome. It could be that it's everything else about what I'm wearing here that's wrong.

Basic jacket shape:
Detail showing why I think it's awesome despite hating how I look in it:
Puff sleeves in suede, cute little collar.

I took these pictures in a hurry in the 25 minutes I actually spent at my house yesterday after coming home from school and then going right back out for the night.

Basic outfit last night:

Actually, add scarf:Here's how I feel about the week I just had:
Thankfully it's over and I'm vegetating inside all day.

Despite my ambivalence about what I was wearing, these vintage 9 West shoe/boots make me happy, and remind me of shopping in Burbank with my friend Amanda back ages ago in the warmth of summer. Aren't they the best?