September 29, 2009

Alexander Wang SS2010 and me

So of course like every other blogger in their 20s I was watching the Wang show on I was pretty into it. Gray sweatshirts, army green, leather and 70s shoes, aviation caps... Maybe it didn't really all work together, but then he threw in the Clueless nod and I was assuaged.

I was feeling these shoes from the beginning:

Then this girl came out and honestly I'm not liking the Quasimodo effect on her shoulders, but again, the shoes are doing something for me.
I do love the belted cape. The hat, not so much.

And with this fresh on my mind I went on a bike ride and stopped in at Blacklist. And what did I see?
Perfect luck! I win again! $24, made in Spain, hardly worn vintage.

Net exactly the same as the Wang ones. His:
Damn, that model's heel is looking torn up.

Mine, obviously not as awesome:

So I have these gray thigh high socks, and I also happen to have picked up an army green belted trench coat at aforementioned estate sale... But I decided that would just be a bit too much. Plus I don't have an awesome sports bra to really complete the tribute look.

I wish my hair was this long and I could wear a braid!

Now I must figure out how to actually wear my shoes in real life.

School Daze

So I'm in graduate school and think it's funny to "dress the part" by wearing things like this tweed blazer with an awful wide collar. It has leather elbow patches, which make you look smart. Unfortunately, I got dressed in too much of a hurry this morning, and I didn't realize how wide this little ensemble made me look. Oh well, nothing wrong with having curves! Even if I actually don't? You decide.

But despite my efforts at looking scholarly or whatever there is still this mismatched kitschy asian schoolgirl inside me, and hence the mismatching and kitschy tights.

These tights are actually very sexy Wolfords that I bought on accident, but I had to de-sexualize them for classes today. I am a TA afterall. Yet, an undergrad boy still "complemented" my "leggings" after class. I'm sure he meant well.

So the story on the tights (I love when my clothes have a back story more than just "I bought these because I have an endless cash flow" - not the case in my life thus far.) is, I was at Nordstrom Rack in LA and somehow all the tights were not in their proper packages, and I thought I was buying some beige Calvin Klein hosiery with a crosshatch pattern (still kinda sad I don't have those as well...) But anyhow, when I got home I pulled these out and was at first pissed because I didn't get what I had wanted. But then I realized what they were... I remembered them precisely from this Style Bubble post! Annnnd, they are my first pair of Wolfords, which I have commodity fetishized for like 3 years now but never bought. Mainly because of their typical price.

Anyhow, here is what is special about these tights. They create the illusion of stockings, even though they just become nude tights at the top. This photo is from a fall 2008 NYT slideshow, which informed me that these were going for $90. And I took them home from the Rack for $2.50 under false pretenses. I win!

Aren't they way too sexy, though? I mean yes, this leg model makes one think that these tight/stockings = raw sex. But this picture sums up my personality:

Needless to say, I'm not a seductress.

Anyhow I kept it real low-key with my quilted Delmans. Which I love and bought for $30 at gh2 last fall.

I'm excited that it's fall and I finally got to break out this scarf I bought at an estate sale this summer! It's nice and thick, but without being too heavy, as it's made of cotton and/or linen (not sure, it's old and has no tag). So much volume. I love it.

That's all for now babies.

September 25, 2009

Chilly weather, new tights

Fall is here! Hooray!

I can't wait to get out and do some quaint-as-hell shit, such as picking apples in an orchard and road-tripping to Duluth, the "San Franciso of the Midwest" (completely inaccurate).

But on that fateful, chilly day, when I realized summer really is over, I felt wholly unprepared for dressing myself. I had just hit my stride in terms of my slutty 90s summer. But it feels appropriate to cover my body again, and thus we begin fall 2009. (But really, what am I gonna wear?)

I got some new tights in LA that I was happy to debut.

And I broke out my favorite thrift grandma sweater/jacket.

Went on a short walk to the cafe and already, this is what happened!

Ugh. Why can't I manage to avoid ruining new things? Oh well, they kinda made me look like I was covered in moles anyway.

In other news, I woke up to this guy, noming what's left of a cupcake I believe, outside my window.

And I've basically been living in these denim-looking leggings until I figure out a better plan.

More soon, promise.

September 14, 2009


Guess what we bought today? Ok I guess the title gives it away... Voila!
This was not my first rather serendipitous find at Hunt and Gather in Minneapolis. Only a month ago I was needing a birthday present for Mr. Michael and got him this beauty, the Schwinn Collegiate:
He was stoked! haha. So glad we captured this face.
Anyhow. We had just decided (last week) that we definitely need to purchase a sewing machine to carry out some project ideas that need to be completed by a specific date in the near future (wedding). I was imagining we would go to Target and buy the cheapest POS beginner sewing machine they had. But this is so much better! The body is all metal, and it's in great working condition. It came with the original manual, a kit full of attachments for doing all sorts of hems and whatnot (I have no idea how to use any of these yet, nor am I entirely certain what they all do), and a "buttonholer." All for $125.

The buttonholer was packaged in this awesome old thread box filled with different size hole pieces... The Merrick Thread Co. clearly took pride in being made in the USA.

Hunt and Gather is one of the best stores I've ever known in life. Strong words, yes. But I mean it. I'm not going to bother trying to describe it. There is just so much. If you live here, you know what's up. If not, visit Minneapolis and go shopping there. It's a place of wonder that helps me not have to buy newly manufactured junk, and also let's me view a real bear skin with the head still attached, deer feet, Italian baroque chairs, vintage French perfume bottles, loads of mid-century furniture, books, and clothing, butterflies preserved behind glass, and so on.

Ok time to go learn to sew! Wish us luck!

September 7, 2009

And we're back...

to life, back to Reality. Back to the here and now, yeah. (Thanks for not letting me embed the video to my favorite song, EMI.)

I found fun things in California to share. One of which I forgot to bring home with me. Posts soon!

So excited because the best season of the year is about to begin!!