July 20, 2009

Fly girl

I've been channeling some tough-ass vibe lately, not entirely sure why... but in any case, Alexander Wang's Fall 2009 show spoke to me. It said: wear bicycle shorts.
from style.com

Shorts are a difficult thing for me. So many styles out there create a distinctly dumpy-assed silhouette, but I'm also not prim enough to wear skirts and dresses all the time. (Does anyone else hate the feeling of bare thighs under a skirt on a hot day?) Not to be too crass, but it's tiresome trying to keep your knees together all the time. I want the freedom boys have. I wanna spread out when I'm sitting outside a cafe, sit cross-legged in my chair.

There is, of course, denim, but let's not get into my neuroses about that fabric just yet. Let's just say I don't like feeling trapped by my clothes. As a child who grew up in dance studios, in my mind leggings of all lengths were de rigueur up until like 1999 and denim was the devil.

But enough with the life stories, right? So inspired in part by Wang, and in part by my own desire to not wilt in the heat and give up entirely... I decided bicycle shorts are back in my life. It's been quite fun, since when I wear them I feel like a backup dancer from the golden age of MTV (the early-mid 90s, duh).

What I wore on a particularly steamy day this week:Silk blouse/dress: Hawks (a gift from a friend), lace bicycle shorts on tha $4.99 sale at UO, Jeffrey Campbell booties. The details:

Grabbed my Chloe locs and I'm out tha door.
Stay tuned for even more bicycle shorts! (And I miiight try to make my own version of that Alexander Wang shirt from the 1st pic as well... We'll see if that happens/turns out...)

hugs n smooches!

Junya Watanabe cares about our needs

Yes, it's 73 degrees out right now. Yes, this is a post about floor-length parkas.

I know F/W09 was shown ages ago and is old news; however, after my first MN winter, I could not bring myself to look at cold weather apparel when it was JUST starting to defrost. Guys, the lakes up here were still frozen when F/W shows started. Too depressing. All I wanted to think about was getting some Vitamin D via natural sunlight.

As we noted in the previous posts, it got way chilly up here last week (60s), and it made me think, oh shit. It's about to be FALL/WINTER again. What am I gonna WEAR? This time I'm ready. Thanks, Junya Watanabe.
All I could think when I saw this was oooh that looks SO WARM. It literally is exactly what I need in like less than 4 months (sad!). I moved here thinking I could wear "fashion" and "looks" all year, and basically spent all winter hunting for a self-heating and awesome-looking boot that is also completely waterproof and has chainmail wrapped around it to prevent falling on ice (I fell, it hurt). It was a failure all around.

But now, I have this! Only, there is the minor glitch that I can't afford any of it... but moving on.

All the purists up here act like wearing a puffer is the worst. Mike even got mocked for his! I thought he looked so cool, like a rapper! Apparently you are supposed to tough it out in some vintage wool if you are "fashionable." I'm looking into fur this year, because afterall, that's what the REAL locals were rockin, before white people came and stole their land. Head to toe, FUR.

Back to the Junya...
This one is so pretty and interesting... but my mind said, no. See that hole there? That's where -50˚ air comes through to suck your life away. And also, this will never do:
LOVE the shoes, and flat shoes on the runway in general (so sick of huge platform stilettos... but that's another post all together). But again, skin is showing. In these climates, your ankle could literally freeze and break off, then you would have no foot!

That's where Prada and some wool socks comes in:
Everything about this boot is OK with me. And yes, I just said I hate platforms. But not these. See all that traction? You can stomp around in them and not fall. And the heel is nice and thick. I'm all about a 90s-esque chunky heel. Just not a platform+stiletto.

Ok so I decided this would be the best one for me:
Just like a big puffy blanket!

Only I would also like to add this feature:
The face coverage! The man thought of all my winter needs! I had windburn on my face like 3-5 times last winter, and it was so ugly! Like heat rash, but with sting and peeling. Awful. I was so sad about it and now get facials on the regular. (Please don't ask me why I live up here. I love it now. Really.)

The conclusion of the show was a dream! I named it "Queen of the Future," and it's everything I hope to be in life.
all images, style.com

That's all for now guys! Thanks for tuning in. I'm off to buy a flouncy coral colored summer dress I have on hold so I can have some Hot Fun in the Summertime!

(So much awesome in this video)

July 18, 2009

Awesome vintage: My spacesuit/Car mechanic getup

Zippers! Tie dye! Shades of gray! Transformable necklines, sleeve and pant length! Can you tell I love this little number? I took these shots before we left to... what else... walk around the 'hood. Got some fresh bread at the bakery around the way. But it was so cold (in July no less, thx Minnesota) that I had to wear a long sweater-jacket over it outside the house. Here it is, in all its glory.

Shoulders can unzip down to the upper arm

Like so

Waiting on Mike to get ready...

The shoes I wore

Pants can be worn rolled down, so can the batwing sleeves... so I'll be taking this one into fall/winter.

After I got home and took it off I liked how the rumpled fabric looked piled on the bed...
One last detail of the tie dye.

It must be duly noted that I acquired the jumpsuit at B-Squad Vintage in Minneapolis. I first saw it months ago while shopping with Mike, who eyed it with suspicion. We left the store without buying anything that day, but I couldn't get it out of my head! Anyhow, on a notable shopping trip a bit later with some lady friends, it was still there! Unbelievable luck, I told myself. Something this rad never stays on the rack long. But when the young woman was ringing me up she said, "I'm so glad someone is finally buying this thing... It's been here since we opened a few years ago." Well, well. Maybe it was meant to be.

July 17, 2009

When Inspiration Strikes: Woolrich Woolen Mills A/W '09

As you may already know, Woolrich Woolen Mills released their 2009 Fall lookbook this week. Each look was tops, but this one stood out as something that could've come straight out of my closet.

Pics of the clothes have been out there for a while, but seeing them on an actual human being brings them to life in a different way. The textures are just so thick and rich. I wished I could reach out and touch the stuff. Needless to say, inspiration struck.

Today was the first cloudy day of July, so I was excited to throw together a cool-weather look with the WWM photos still fresh on my mind. Here's what I came up with:

I got that jacket at the Buffalo Exchange in Minneapolis. It basically ended up being free, after I traded in a few old t-shirts I didn't wear anymore.

On my budget, I can't afford Woolrich-quality, but I can still have some fun mixing patterns, fabrics, and colors inspired by their line.

Despite the dip in temperature it's still summer, so I couldn't leave the house without my saddle bucks.

But before we left, we thought we'd take a few more shots. Lighting in our house is pretty terrible. Somehow I ended up in the bathroom.

That's when things started getting a little silly.

Me: "Maybe I should get in the bathtub."

Susie: "Here comes the money shot."


July 8, 2009

Around the house

We are far from done, but it's starting to come together. We just found this credenza at Swank in St. Paul.
I'm quite fond of our coffee table, which is from one of the best stores in Minneapolis, Hunt and Gather. The couch is from Ikea; Mike picked out the bright red color.
I wanted a chandelier, but fell for this 70s hanging lamp from Blacklist Vintage, another one of our favorite mpls shops. The ladies who own this shop are awesome.
I'm loving our new home and neighborhood. We still have a lot in the works, but wanted to get started on the posting. Enjoy! More soon...

Other things

Moving in, buying all new furniture, painting, and trying to get some decor going has been a lot of work. I took a break this weekend and rode my bike to the farmer's market. I finally got some decent tomatoes!
Other things I bought include honey from local beekeepers, fresh strawberries and a bundle of rhubarb, which I baked into a simple crisp using a recipe from the book I'm currently reading, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. I highly recommend it if you are interested in food production, health, and eating in general, or the locavore/slow food movement in particular. Anyhow, this buckwheat honey is amazing. I'm told it's a rare type, and that it would make a great BBQ sauce. It tastes woody, almost like maple syrup. I'm going to use it in stir fry sauce instead of my usual raw sugar.
The crisp came out perfect! I was excited to use my oven for the first time at the new place.In case you're interested, the recipe can be found here.

xo, susie

Shorts season

After braving the Minnesota winter, I was so excited the first time I wore a tank top in public this year. Then came shorts. I was in love with a certain Chloe S/S09 high-waisted pair, so when I found a similar look at a vintage shop I was pretty excited. Here, Mike plays mom and helps me get ready.
My very tiny, cheap camera is starting to bother me. I need to upgrade soon. So blurry!
This one is kinda better? Anyhow the shorts are from B-Squad Vintage in Minneapolis, one of my favorite places to shop in the Twin Cities. It's just like a huge rummage sale of amazing old stuff, clothes, records, random housewares, accessories... I can spend what feels like hours in there without feeling like I've seen everything. The tag said they are from the 1950s and they're a perfect-for-summer thick linen material.

Oh, also, my new favorite thing right now is copper jewelry. I will have to do a whole post about my collection soon. Both of these I've picked up in MN. The large bangle is from Swank in St. Paul, and the thin cuff is from Buffalo Exchange on Lyndale.
This tank top is also a go-to this summer. It's from J. Crew. I have a t-shirt version too. It's super thin and "feels like you're wearing nothing at all" (to quote Flanders via Mike :)

Shoes. Scalloped edged socks, reminiscent of the scallop edge of the aforementioned dream shorts...
Mike had the day off so we went to see Public Enemies. It was nice to see Johnny Depp in a grown-up role again. The styling was amazing. Worth seeing just for the glasses/sunglasses and menswear. I also now have a girl crush on Marion Cotillard and want curly hair like hers. Although, curls have never really worked out for me in the past... could it be something in my genes?