December 4, 2009

Wide, Baggy

Here I am in my JNCOs guys.
^OMG Is that what I look like I'm wearing?^

No, not really? I think it was just the dim lighting creating the distinctive JNCO silhouette. But I can't lie, these are pretty damn loose.But oh so comfy. I bought these pants secondhand, but they are from Express from probably like 2-3 years ago? I think they are pretty awesome for Express. I never go in that store because $5 rummage bins of stretch jersey frighten me. It's not that obvious in the photo, but they sit on top of my hips and puff out away from my body at the top of the waistband, "paper bag" style.I figured since I was wearing raver pants, might as well thrown on a baby-tee over a long sleeve t-shirt. The logic is sound.

1 comment:

hard liquor; soft holes said...

they're FANTASTIC, esp. with the cropped silhouette on top.