December 14, 2009

A-shop-ing instead of a-work-ing

Since my recent discovery that sweater tights are acceptable for those days where we stay just above the single digit temperatures, I'm on an insatiable hunt for more pairs. The search led me to anthropologie, where these are on sale. (Photos = links.)

Both are marked down to $19.95 instead of $38. Both I will not be buying. But maybe you can? The ones with the kneepatch I would love to have. But all the reviews indicate that even the large won't be long enough for people over 5'5". Boo hoo, I'm too tall. I have seen the plaid ones in person. They look incredibly thick and warm like a wool sock, but I think they're just super ugly. Looks like a grandpa sweater from the 80s. Maybe if you are into that sort of thing you can make these look really wonderful. I'm just not the one.

Here are the real dreamboats:Isobel and Cleo's Grape Stitch Back Seam Leggings

I turned to etsy, thinking someone has to be making warm, hand-knit sweater tights. And indeed someone is! Isobel and Cleo, UK based designers of hand-knit goods. The leggings are a little out of my price range as of right now. But maybe... someday... In the meantime they also have some lovely scarves and collars. And also some crazy pants. (Photos all link to items.)
The "Kid n' Play Dread Balaclava":


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ellen said...

Another great tights/legwear/socks designer:
they have the same knee pad tights as anthro (and I'm getting the feeling that anthro may have ripped them off...).