December 18, 2009

If I were a boy

I probably would not have bought this either. This hooded sweater is my latest find in men's clothing. There were (unsurprisingly) tons of these on the sale rack at Urban Outfitters. I was not even trying to go shopping, but some evil forces pulled me inside. That's how it always happens.

It's a size large. I can't imagine a large-sized man wanting to wear a thin, boxy, drapey top with a LOTR hood. But I will, gladly.A fantastic hood. Also, I bought a highlighter colored hat and I'm very pleased with it.
What happened next, you ask? Well, I finished getting dressed, which required full cankle coverage and your mom's L.L. Bean duffle coat in navy blue Italian lambswool (to make one feel as classy as possibly when ordering from L.L. Bean) and Thinsulate lining (to actually make one want to buy this thing). Even this frightening image did not deter me. The reviews guaranteed my warmth; I clicked "Buy." I can't mess around with "fashion" coats, people. This is a matter of survival. Outside I go!Wool socks (also L.L. Bean) changed my Minnesota life. These F-Troupe boots, not so much. These boots have fur, but only on the ankle part. Not good enough for these delicate toes of mine. Thus, right now I'm patiently awaiting the UPS delivery of my new Dr. Marten's boots-with-the-fur! I'll show them to you if they make the cut.


taj said...

OMG, that same thing happens to me everytime im within 5 miles of a UO, the evil forces tell my feet to start walking and before I know it I have a arm full of stuff and one of those coffee table books:( lol.
(oh and I love that hat)

hard liquor; soft holes said...

wooly socks 4 winter lyfe.